Sentinel Riobot 1/12 Scale VR-52(F/T) Ride Armor Review


Scorched Earth Toys @ reviews Sentinel’s Riobot Ride Armor toys. This review covers Stick’s VR-52F and Ray’s VR-52T (also known as Scott and Rand’s Cyclones from Robotech: The New Generation). They’re hard to find, they’re expensive, but is it worth the effort? Find out!


21 thoughts on “Sentinel Riobot 1/12 Scale VR-52(F/T) Ride Armor Review”

  1. Another great review Jenuis! Was going to sell the beagles in my collection but your vid coupled wit the rarity of such awesome nostalgic vintage toy make me think otherwise! Oh thx for the pointer for the max vf-1 btw hehe.

  2. No stickers, no engine block, not worth the asking price. I would get these and leave them in Ride Armor mode and never touch them again if they were $50 or more less. It's a shame they didn't make the Yellow and Fuke versions for the Beagle/Toynami ones.

  3. I just bought this from BBTS and it came yesterday. My right arm keeps falling off just below the shoulder, and my left knee power armor connection peg falls out just like the host's right, and my left headlight/shoulder ball joint is really sloppy and loose. I thought with this being a later release that some of these QT issues would have been resolved. My first attempt at transformation was an absolute nightmare, and I thought the Arcadia YF-19 was hard!

  4. Just got both from BBTS, they are literally the only place online that has them. AmiAmi in Akihabara had some cyclones last month, but I do not think that theybwere the same as these. Very bad ass.

    I stand corrected HLJ has them in stock for 173 US and some change.

  5. My beagle's white parts yellowed.  I even kept it in room temperature storage. WTF.  Oh well.  I did replace the red undersuit with a custom that I made, but painting the yellowed parts is a little harder.  The paint I used is chipping.  Sigh.


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