Oculus Go VR Headset Review!


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We test and review the new Oculus Go standalone virtual reality headset! Jeremy and Norm go over how this $200 headset compares with current desktop and mobile VR setups, what you can and can’t do on it today, and whether VR enthusiasts should care about it.

Disclaimer: Oculus provided us with this test unit for review.

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36 thoughts on “Oculus Go VR Headset Review!”

  1. I mean, do you really understand just how BIG The Oculus Go is going to be??! This is a PROTOTYPE! So compare this to a black and white tv of the '60s. Or, for that matter, compare it-the Oculus Go-viewing EXPERIENCE to a multi-thousand dollar 4k Magnolia television with High Dynamic Range. Are you kidding me? The Oculus Go blows ANY tv on the market AWAY!!! Virtual reality shall revolutionize the home entertainment industry. And if you don't believe that you probably are still using a rotary phone!

  2. If you have a Go you should try out Hoppin' its a new app that allows you to hang out in real world places with friends/family – pretty much like teleportation!

  3. What's the difference between Oculus Go and Oculus Rift? Oculus Go is cheaper and I want to know if the feeling of being in the virtual world is the same on both glasses?

  4. I feel like a Dell Mixed Reality with a VR Ready laptop is leagues better than not being able to do proper vr on the go.
    Dell MR is at most like 50$ more than it so its not even that big of a difference xD

  5. I'm missing information about these that I would want to know before buying. 1. Can I connect it to my pc and play my pc games in vr just like any other vr headset and 2. Can I track my body with this headset? Like if I played VrChat what limbs would move?

  6. I'm probably boring, but all I want to do is mostly watch videos, digital downloads, or vids I made from my 3D BluRay discs. Would this suit, or should I wait for the Quest?

  7. Many people are selling this used for 100 on selling apps and I'm getting one because of the movies and games into one device and I was illegally locked out of my place and they stole all my belongings "and the nypd and the law didn't do shit because they're arrogant bastards" so this is perfect to at least distracting me from killing myself


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