Samsung Odyssey Full Review – The Best VR Headset You Can Buy Right Now


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And here it finally is! My in-depth review of the Samsung Odyssey! Find out why the Samsung Odyssey is the best Virtual Reality Headset that you can buy right now!

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36 thoughts on “Samsung Odyssey Full Review – The Best VR Headset You Can Buy Right Now”

  1. MR. Sebastian. I got this headset on error when someone put the wrong listing on ebay.. I have to be honest. I think the screens, lenses and resolution on the Oculus GO are better than this headset. THe colors look a little better on the Odyssey, but overall I would say the GO has a better screen, even the field of view seems a tad better. Also the warping and blurriness on the sides are better on the Oculus GO. Maybe because I can get my face more inside of it more comfortably.. I bought the Odyssey plus, im hoping I like that one better and hopefully more comfortable. IF the Oculus GO wasn't just a portable device with one controller.. Id say that one would definitely be better than this one.

  2. If you just plug in the headset to an HDMI does it display non VR screen, i.e does it work as a second 2d screen, until you run the software for that HDMI channel ?

  3. From what I can tell, the odessy would be better for content consumption, but for immersive gaming, the significantly better tracking and hand presence of the vice or rift is a must

  4. So i just received my O+. could you let us know any tweaks you would suggest for the best quality? I read that you should modify config files with SS settings and things like that. Thanks in advance! and i'm running W10 1803 / 980Ti

  5. IMPORTANT FOR ODYSSEY USERS I think the ODYSSEY may be even better than people think! I went into Mixed Reality Portal, I found on the lower left a drop-down that said 'More', after clicking 'More' you can click Settings! I had not been in here before, but I noticed right away that under 'visual quality' it defaulted to LOW!!, I clicked it, there is Low, Medium, Auto, High and VERY HIGH Experimental! You can bet which I picked with a 1080 Ti Founders! I wonder how many people are at Low Quality setting and DON'T KNOW!!!

  6. Hi, great channel.
    I have an Odyssey headset and I'd like to ask you some questions:
    I've noticed black edges on the screen, corresponding to the edges of the visor. Do you also see them, or have I misconfigured the device?
    Can it be because I set supersamplig to 130%?

  7. ist es noch sicher das ich in ende 2018 2019 oculus und vive games auf mixed reality spielen kann? dann hole ich mir anstat rift die samsung, oder doch htc pro was sagst du?

  8. Overall, for anyone looking for a VR headset, there is no real 100% all in one best system. Based on my experience I would recommend:
    For Room Scale Gaming / Action Games = HTC Vive
    For Seated Simulators = Samsung Odyssey (For Resolution Quality Only)
    I have not tried Rift so can't comment

  9. Agreed with your controller opinions, I didn't know about the difference that only existed on the samsung odyssey… Man, only if you could use the touch controllers with the odyssey… what if someone changed the touch sensors and divers for the touch and make it usable with the odyssey 0_0

  10. @MRTV – MIXED REALITY TV Hi, thanks for great videos, I saw few of these right now, but I would like to ask you which VR headset you would recommended to someone with rly big head. I wear glasses and I tested oculus rift and it was rly painfull even without glasses. so proly HTC VIVE or Samsung odyssey or maybe wait for pimax 8k or something else? thanks for answer and sry for my bad english.

  11. Thanks for your wonderful reviews! Anyone getting into VR needs to watch your videos. I bought an Odyssey and am loving it. I can't wait til we have no more screen door effect.

  12. I'm looking for vr glasses that don't require you to only use that companies software (apps as they are called these days)
    I want to play any 3d game on my computer (farcry,nfs,crysis, ect.) and not be stuck only with what vive or rift has to offer.
    I had old school vr set from the early 2000 and it didn't matter what game I wanted to play the driver knew how to separate the 3d image, now days you stuck with only what the VR manufacture has to offer and the hell with what games you have on your computer.
    I got to play with Oculus Rift for a few weeks but hated I could play any my installed games.
    as of right now I don't know if any other VR headsets offer me to play any games I want but witch ever does will be my next set.

  13. Thank you for your Odyssey videos. All my usual tech guys I watch on YouTube cover the Vive and Rift, and haven't caught up to the new kid on the block. Your videos on WMR helped me get more informed about the different headsets. I wasn't aware of the WMR headsets before and your videos were the first I came across when I was looking up Rift vs. Vive videos.

    After looking into WMR, I knew the Samsung would be the contender in this category. The Dell/HP/Acer/Lenovo models all looked cheap, but the Samsung looked impressive and seems to make up for it's extra price well.

    Overall, after going back and forth with the Vive, Rift, and Odyssey I decided on the Odyssey. The Rift's controllers ALMOST pulled me to the Rift, but at the end of the day, I wanted visuals, and it sounded like Samsungs better FOV and higher resolution would be the best call.

    I don't regret it at all, and have been having TONS of fun with it. You guys on YouTube that do this are appreciated!

  14. You were going to comment at some point as to whether the Samsung Odyssey allows users to better work with productivity apps, e.g., MS Office, Google Easy Gmail, etc. Have I missed it? Thx for your great reviews!

  15. Good review but, It does not look like anyone does a comparison with games like DCS, ILS, or X-Plane 11 how does the Odyssey work on that type of game since that's the only type VR game I really use

  16. can you transport a windowsscreen into vr? I cant get oculus core 2.0 dash working with the Odyssey
    like sim racing it would be fantastic to get Z1 software visible in Iracing or rFactor 2 in VR as a overlay
    Question: can you get oculus core 2.0 dash software running on the Odyssey? I think you must set up a rift to get acces to the “dash app" the software runs but not the set up for the rift because i have a Odyssey
    Maybe a idea to make a new video!


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