Nikon 18-55mm VR Review: An Under-estimated Lens That May Surprise You


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39 thoughts on “Nikon 18-55mm VR Review: An Under-estimated Lens That May Surprise You”

  1. I know this a pretty Old video. I am also definitely surprised by its performance. Trying using 7.1 aperture on this lens and shoot a portrait. You can see the pores on the skin, it is that sharp. I guess this the sweet g-spot for this lens. You will never know it was shot on a kit lens. Just doing my bit to help those on a budget.

  2. This lens came as kit lens with my d3300. You may be right with all things but the sharpness is really bad in videos. The auto focus and even the pin point focussing are best avoided. And never take this lens when shooting indoors or in low light.

  3. Viewers should know that the CURRENT 18-55 VR DX in Nikon kits is a different, newer lens, with the new AF-P autofocus. But most of the nice things said about the older lens also apply to the new one. It won't work on some older pre AF-P cameras, at least not without a firmware update to the camera. Check Nikon site for compatability.

  4. Sir,I need a help from you..just recently I bought a Nikon D3300 with 2 lens but my question is my lens that they gave me doesn't have a vr button and af- ml buttons on both the you think they cheat on me? Should I use it or should I go and return it back? M in a big confused right now and I need to decide quickly before it's too late..Please help me..

  5. I just bought a D3400 and this is the lens came with. I also bought a 50-200mm VR ($150) and both of them are outstanding. I took some screenshots of the Technicolor "Superman" cartoons of the early 40's, Blu ray and a 4K monitor, and they were amazingly clear, sharp and the color was outstanding. The VR function outshines the optical superiority of much higher priced non VR IMO. The AF works beautifully, less than a second generally. I can not over express how happy I am with the D3400 and the 18-55 VR.

  6. I just bought Nikon d5200 with the 18-55mm kit lens, which one lens will you recommend if i want beautiful bokeh pictures. maybe a sigma lens since i am on budget

  7. My main interests for photography are night shots, landscape shots and vehicles. As a beginner would this lens be sufficient with a Nikon D5300? I don't want to splash out on an expensive lens however would also prefer to get my moneys worth with a starter lens. Thanks 😀

  8. I have the latest version of this lens, the VR II and tested it against the Sigma 18-50mm f2.8-4.5. The Nikon is sharper at its maximum aperture at all focal lengths, compared to the Sigma which didn't get going until at least two stops down at f5.6! And I paid only £69 for it on EBay!


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