Marvel's Iron Man VR – The First 25 Minutes No Commentary (Camouflaj) – PSVR


Take to the skies in Marvel’s Iron Man VR! Want more impressions? Read on here –

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17 thoughts on “Marvel's Iron Man VR – The First 25 Minutes No Commentary (Camouflaj) – PSVR”

  1. Had a go at it- pretty good, shoulders are a bit too high , the turning buttons are a bit different and will take some time to get used to, the sky/ sunset is really well put together, flying is a bit odd with using your hands and trigger button, i think they should allow for a bit of momentum when lifting your arms to fire unless you actually lift your arms and use thrust to stop moving, as it is you kind of stop near instantly,loading was also a bit much! gotta admit I liked the demo more than Playing blood and truth,


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