Light Gun Reviews 174: Pistol Whip (VR)


4 thoughts on “Light Gun Reviews 174: Pistol Whip (VR)”

  1. Based on less than 2h playtime: to me it felt like this game was designed to be played with the damned autoaim, which i despise almost as much as i despise wubstep. Yes, ended up refunding it.

    For a lightgun enthusiast, i would suggest checking out New Retro Arcade: Neon, which is emulator frontend for VR, which supports (certain) lightgun games, including Point Blank 1-2. Its abit fiddly and uses ancient version of libretro core (which means Time Crisis has the good ol' invulnerable chopper bug) but the devs are boasting it will get an update soon, which might or might not fix that issue.

    That being said: i like your reviews, even tho i dont like this game.


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