A-Tech Cybernetic VR | PSVR Review


It looks a bit like Doom and a bit like Killing Floor, but A-Tech Cybernetic doesn’t have the polish it needs to be a classic FPS for PlayStation VR.

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24 thoughts on “A-Tech Cybernetic VR | PSVR Review”

  1. I found doomVFR not very good. Imo it is unplayable with the move controllers, not so bad if you have the aim controller. For me farpoint I think is my favourite psvr fps

  2. I agree with you pointing out a suspicious lack of FPS gamers for PSVR. It is all I wanted, and like you I thought we would be drowning in them by now. I don't even need them to be innovative or anything, just more!

  3. This might sound stupid but for me atlease when I kill a enemy and they disappear like they do in this game it takes me out of the immersion in a weird way it's hard to explain. You kind of nailed it when you said "makes you feel like your in a shooting gallery" and that is so true.

  4. It would/should be so easy for the dev to make a firey explosion effect whenever an enemy is killed so they don't just pop out of existence. They could add some gibs and fix that side. As far as spawning them into the environment, they could do something like a Star Trek Transporter or if that is too scifi, they could have a hex open in the floor and have them climb out of the hole from hell. That would convincingly solve the two biggest issues I saw in the review. It's close guys, don't quit now!

  5. I bought it on PCVR and got a refund after playing it for half an hour. I found it very basic and boring. This might be due to me playing Half-Life:Alyx for 10 hours. The bar has been raised significantly.

  6. There are a million ways to make a shooting game unique — Setting, mechanics, story, puzzles…. but instead we're still seeing "nope gotta clone doom" mentality. It's like this game tries to be as mediocre and generic as possible.

  7. Why are the vr titles so low budget?
    This looks like the same crap we have been handed.
    These companies love re-making games. Start remaking some titles for vr play. Especially with how well resident evil worked in vr. I would remake all of them in VR.

  8. Was originally so happy to see a fps game and not another annoying ass puzzle game but the devs here have toned it down to much from the pc port! Immortal legacy is 7.99 I'll grab that instead


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