Half-Life: Alyx Review – A Terrifying Masterpiece For VR


I finished Half-Life: Alyx in early access, so here’s our full review. No story spoilers, but I’ll talk about the VR game mechanics & answer most asked questions! Timestamps below.
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Half-Life: Alyx is probably everyone’s most anticipated VR game this year and for good reason. The Half-Life series is one of the best-reviewed games of all time, and it’s been 13 years now since the 2nd episode of Half-Life 2 came out. So I think everyone is curious about what Valve will do with this one.

00:01 – Half-Life: Alyx Video Intro
00:52 – Half-Life: Alyx Story & Do You Need Prior Knowledge?
01:43 – Half-Life: Alyx Graphics
02:10 – Half-Life: Alyx VR Gameplay Mechanics
05:02 – Half-Life: Alyx VR Combat & Exploration
06:29 – Half-Life: Alyx VR Hacking & Puzzles
07:13 – Half-Life: Alyx VR Comfort & Menu Options
08:57 – Half-Life: Alyx Other VR Headset Support?
09:17 – Half-Life: Alyx Review Conclusion

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35 thoughts on “Half-Life: Alyx Review – A Terrifying Masterpiece For VR”

  1. I finished Half-Life: Alyx, so here's our full review. No story spoilers, but I'll talk about the VR game mechanics & answer most asked questions. Timestamps are in the description. Let me know in the comments what your impressions are of the game! I would love to know. And if you have any more questions about the game, you can also put them down below.

    If you want to watch Chary’s first impressions and gameplay, check our live stream here: https://youtu.be/vdI9ep8HwrI

  2. Good point on the full body, i have the same opinion and had hard time in boneworks colliding with objects pushing them away while wanting gi grab them..
    Valve did great choices in this game.

  3. Been a MASSIVE Half Life fan since the very first one. Kinda gave up waiting for something new after 10 or so years. Was tired of hoping.
    I've also been into VR since the DK2 and already had a Vive and also got the Index controllers for it. For some reason, I didn't play it immediately after it released… but wish I had now.
    Within the first 5 minutes there's a moment so AWESOME (in the literal sense) I kind of tensed up and had a mini-freakout more than any game in VR has ever given me. lol. The striders have always been such an imposing threat, but actually seeing one… in "real life"… at scale…. it's really hard to describe!
    I'm only about 2 hours in. Taking my time. And… holy smokes… it's good.

  4. I should note that the full arms are implemented but hidden from view. You can test this by placing your hands through a window and then moving them straight down without bending your elbows you will see they stop where your forearms would be. I believe one of the pre-release interviews with Valve from TEsted goes into this a bit.

  5. Already 7 hours in, on Oculus Quest through the Link. It works perfectly. No problems, no glitches. And my system is nothing special, a laptop with 1060i, 32GB ram. Looks amazing, feels amazing, I spent 10 minutes just playing with an empty water bottle. If you look inside it, it reflects the light and has depth to it, a freaking water bottle…Wow.

  6. I got the game last night but I've only been able to play it today as the logfile paths in steam vr had messed up for some reason. Anyhow, just done about an hour and 30 and it's awesome! It's a very rich and detailed environment and it feels very immersive – more like you're actually there rather than simply playing a vr game. The game defaulted to low res on my Rift S + i5 7600K + 16GB Ram + GTX 1070 ti but still looked great. I've now set it to medium and it still runs great but looks even better.

  7. Question. Angry Joe and 2 of his friends said all of them got bad motion sickness while playing on the Index so they switched to Rift S and they didn't feel any. They said they were willing to sacrifice visual quality for more comfort. I was thinking about buying Index so that sounds pretty worrying.

  8. I think it is pretty fantastic, 2 hours in and I'm pretty pleased. I'm playing with Vive Pro and the old wands (becasue they don't sell the new controllers here) and I don't like the menu on the left hand grip, I keep turning in on when I don't want too, small issue.

  9. Question. Did you feel the contrast in the dark scenes on the index was bad? I just upgraded from the CV1 to the Valve Index and am sad by how grey the dark scenes are lol

  10. Sadly likely won't be buying this game. I have arachnophobia irl and when i played boneworks, those spider bots were absolutely terrifying when they lunge at your head. I think this game would be 10x worse in that aspect with those headcraps..


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