The Room VR: A Dark Matter | PSVR Review


The insanely popular mobile game The Room finally comes to PlayStation VR and the results are unforgettable. πŸ˜€

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44 thoughts on “The Room VR: A Dark Matter | PSVR Review”

  1. If a game doesn't have the smooth turning locomotion it's an instant no go for me The jerky motions of the teleport system Completely ruins the immersion for me still looks like a fun game I hope they add the option for smooth locomotion in the future

  2. I played the first 4 parts on my tablet more than once… loved the room right away… I was so excited, when I heard that the 5th part will be VR!!! Sadly the Corona came and money isn't there for the game… But as soon as I can I will buy it! And then I won't stop till I played it through πŸ˜…

  3. Great review Bryan. I enjoyed this game. I played all the mobile installments ages ago and was hyped to see a VR version. It captures what I loved about the previous versions. The different environments were really nice to escape to. I hope they make more levels! If anyone out there wants more of this type and quality game, vote with your dollar and grab it ASAP!

  4. Totally agree with you on the node based movement and click turns. I have yet to play this game, but I have played Wilson's Heart on Oculus Rift. While I was disappointed with the inability to fully take in and explore the beautifully rendered world that I was in, I totally understand the reasons why the game was designed this way.

  5. This is the format the Room was craving. A little pricey for the longevity but I’m a fan boy so Fireproof can have my cash. I am past the first full level and trying to pace it out. Teleportation and click turning is how the series works and is solid in VR, no random exploration here just you vs the puzzles. Score Null, Opinion Void, welcome to the Room.

  6. Thanks for helping me save money or providing actual helpful reviews. I dislike reviews that tend to drag on forever, but you get straight to the point. Good job my man!

  7. I have a question about ps vr on ps4 slim. Will it works normally on I need to buy a Pro version ? I will be really grateful for any answer πŸ™

  8. Looks like my kind of game! And not having played yet I will still say I love the "hint" system. I do pretty well on puzzle games, but occasionally need a push if something is a little off the wall, so not having to take the headset off and find a walkthrough is excellent and giving you "levels" of hints is perfect. Thanks Bryan, jumping on this over the weekend.

  9. Thanks Bryan
    I never buy a PlayStation Vr game until you do your review, I knew the game would be good, because I've played all of them my iPad, just stunning, I wished the Room would come to VR and my wish has come true, let's hope many more great games come to VR, am going to keep wishing! Thank you!

  10. Just downloaded it, it looks exactly as I'd hoped. Even the teleporting seems forgivable. I think Β£25 seems steep, but I'll have to see. Also happy for that team, they've been wanting to get a Room VR game out for like four years.


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