We Test Half-Life Alyx On Every Major VR Headset


What’s the best VR headset to play Half-Life Alyx on? We’ve tested the game on the four biggest headsets to find out.

Half-Life: Alyx is not only the grand return of the legendary franchise but also the latest must-have game for anyone who owns a VR headset. Valve has made the game compatible with most major VR headsets, but as you know, not all are created equally.

In this video, four GameSpot staff members test out Alyx on different headsets. The Valve Index, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest. We break down the pros and cons of each VR headset and give you our recommendation on the best way to experience Half-Life: Alyx.

If you don’t own a VR headset and are interested in picking one up thanks to Alyx, check out our in-depth breakdown on the best VR headsets as well as where to get the best VR headset deals.

Half-Life Alyx was reviewed by Michael Higham, who gave the game a 9/10, saying, “Not only has Half-Life: Alyx made good on its shift to VR, it has elevated many of the aspects we’ve come to love about Half-Life games.” You can read his full Half-Life: Alyx review or watch the Half-Life: Alyx video review right here on youtube.


21 thoughts on “We Test Half-Life Alyx On Every Major VR Headset”

  1. I play this game on my quest with a i9 9900k and 2080ti without any problem. You use the worst pc the whole list for your quest review. Use the same hardware for every review otherwise its useless.

  2. I play on a quest with a 980ti card… and it’s butter smooth… no issues at all…

    I’ve got loads of headsets… vive/rift/fove/psvr…. to name a few… the quest is my go to headset.. easy to plug into pc.. inside out tracking just works… and then feature like hand tracking are the icing on the cake…

    Out of all I’ve tried quest is an amazing bit of kit at a bargain price


  3. You guys forgot virtual desktop as an option for quest… I had no issues with Half life Alyx on Quest…. Also the touch controllers are the same as the rift S so it makes no sense that one guy said they were fantastic then the next guy said they weren't the greatest when being paired with Quest?!?!

  4. Wait until VR cheapens out and becomes generalized. If you are spending thousands of dollars on a gaming setup like its nothing, you are just turning a blind eye to corporate greed. VR is a good GIMMICK for now, it's too early to make a revolution tho. Give or take next 8 years perhaps, it might become better and affordable.

  5. This review suffers from having too many different computer builds. I am playing Alyx using an Intel i9900K, 64GB RAM, and an RTX2080 Ultra. Not once did the game stutter or under perform in any way. So you tested the Quest on an i5 while using I7's for the others… talk about biased research.

  6. QUEST: I played most of Alyx with a Quest WIRELESSLY using Virtual Desktop and had no problems. I think the reviewer has a problem with his quest and I don't think a 1070 is realistic for VR, although it technically meets the minimum requirements. So for disclosure: Ive had less than average results with the Vive Pro and above average results with the Quest in all my VR gaming. I THINK its because:

    1. Too many reflective surfaces and possibly too small a room for the Steam VR lighthouses.
    2. I have a very fast Asus gaming router giving me above average perf on Virtual Desktop for the Quest. My previous router was an Apple Airport which performed about average, and resulted in slow framerates.

    I really think the Quest is the way to go IF you have the equipement to drive it. P.S. I have tried the Index controllers and I really like them but they aren't needed in Alyx and in fact are only supported by some 30 odd games according to a list on Steam. Also, they are only fully utilized in about a dozen. They've been out for a year. Devs aren't lining up to incorporate them.

  7. Here is a bunch of different peoples opinions on certain headsets. (DISCLAIMER: EACH PERSON ONLY USED ONE HEADSET EACH ON DIFFERENT PC'S)

  8. Just wanted to note that I had NONE of those issues with the Quest. My Quest experience was flawless and I had all settings on ultra and even increased Quest settings using the Quest debug tool. I used the official Oculus Link cable connected to a RTX 2080ti, i9 9900KF, 64GB RAM.

  9. Dumbasses. You didn't even think to try Virtual Desktop with the Quest? Not only is the performance far better than the cable (as it isn't being weighed down by bloatware), but it also allows playing Alyx without the fear of hitting your TV.

    I'm guessing your omission is due to it requiring light software modifications. (Well, if you could call it that.) Endorsing that wouldn't look good, would it? Should probably just mention the extortionate and inferior cable and play ignorant to how the Quest is highly capable as a Steam VR headset.

  10. Just finished it on my Samsung Odyssey and it was an amazing experience! I wont buy into the more complicated and expensive headsets. The Oddysey has a screen the rivals the best at a fraction the cost and all controller issues are easily overcame for how easy it is to set up and use. Wish more people talked about WMR, I've tried a few of the big names and I honestly don't find them worth the cost.


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