PSVR Review 2020: Is The Playstation VR Still Worth It In 2020? Can You Play Half-Life Alyx On PSVR?


Is the PSVR still worth it in 2020? And can you play Half-Life: Alyx with it? I am going to answer these questions and more in the 2020 PSVR Review!

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34 thoughts on “PSVR Review 2020: Is The Playstation VR Still Worth It In 2020? Can You Play Half-Life Alyx On PSVR?”

  1. Yes it is unless you have used one dont bother commenting.vr is fkn amazing.vr is for true gamers.oh who care about half life Alex I had this on pc 20yrs ago it wasnt that good.vr is the dogs bollocks.

  2. I played the whole alyx game using psvr + nolo vr controller on steamvr. It took me $100 to buy a used nolo vr controller. And I sold the controller for $92.

  3. As a PSVR owner, thank you for the awesome update review for the PSVR. Most importantly if you buy the PSVR, It is for the exclusive games that can not be found anywhere else. Resident Evil 7,Astrobot,Blood & Truth,WipEout Omega Collection,Firewall Zero Hour,Farpoint,Until Dawn Rush of Blood,Megaton Rainfall,Ghost Giant,The Persistence,Iron Man VR(Coming soon),Sniper Elite VR(Coming Soon),Dreams VR(Coming soon) and more.

  4. I would not recommend the PS VR at all, i bought it about 6 months ago and it was terrible, the camera is trash and the tracking is so so bad, the only games you can play are sitting ones.

  5. Well said Sebastian… for Half Life Alyx I recommend 1. Valve Index 2. Oculus Rift S & 3. Samsung Odyssey+
    The Oculus Quest is a good Head Mounted Display but not as good as the 1, 2, & 3 options recommended above.
    The good news now is that the microphone not working when plugged into a Gaming PC via the Oculus Link Cable is being worked on.
    Oculus has added an update to the Oculus Home to 1.4 and we're waiting for the Oculus Quest to get the same 1.4 Update, when that happens when both PC and Quest are at version 1.4 the microphone should work.

  6. I wonder what would happen if Sony made all headsets work on their console. Most of their money is from games, not hardware, so why not? Then they could release a headset that works on PCs as well, and since they’re display manufacturers and could make something impressive.

  7. The big problem with PSVR is the fact that the Move controllers are as old as my grandma and don't have thumbsticks. For that reason, movement is always a pain in the bum unless the game supports the Aim controller or 3dRudder. The camera positioning is also finicky in some games resulting in tracking issues at times. And my crystal ball says that Half-Life Alyx will never show up on the Playstation.


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