HP REVERB REVIEW 2020 – Still A Great VR Headset For VR Sim Fans? Comparison with Valve Index


I finally got the updated HP Reverb at the MRTV HQ! So did HP fix all the problems of the first batch? And how does the HP Reverb do in 2020? Is it still a great option for VR Sim fans and how does it compare to the Valve Index? Find out in this HP Reverb Review for 2020!

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45 thoughts on “HP REVERB REVIEW 2020 – Still A Great VR Headset For VR Sim Fans? Comparison with Valve Index”

  1. Did you know HP is giving up $50 discount on this headset?! It is available in U.S.A right now for only $600. But why is that? Because the new gen is on the way which is HP Reverb G2 and the spec on this new comer is even better to the point that I decided to wait for that just a couple more months. God Bless the U.S.A.

  2. "clearest picture you can get without any distortion if you want to compare it with the PIMEX headsets" can you elaborate, I am a first gen OCULUS-RIFT guy and i have put away those glasses a long time ago due to screen-door effect. Now i have a 2080Ti GPU and am looking for a new experience with DCS, should i go the PIMAX route or go the REVERB route? I know that PIMEX is pretty good from what i hear but i dont know about their hand-controllers (Oculus Touch style doo-hickies)…. anyway, just looking for your opinion on the HP vs. Pimax and thanks again.

  3. Got the HP reverb 2 weeks ago and I am very pleased with it. The one thing I truly dislike is the heavy cord. The graphics are amazing. Playing Half life Alyx is like a dream come true. Absolutely stunning.

  4. Hey Sebastion just a heads up. The Reverb controllers and the Ody+ controllers look very close to being the same however they have a much different feel in your hands. I like the Ody+ controllers much better, not so with the Reverbs, so I decide to see if I could pair the Ody controllers with the Reverb and it worked! I was actually able to pair my Ody+ controllers to the Reverb and they work just fine probably due to being a WMR controllers. BTW if you know where I can score another pair of Samsung Odyssey controllers let me know. Ebay has nothing. Cheers with your adult beverages!!

  5. well I have a Reverb v1 rev B. At this time (04 2020) I would not change it for any other device as I prefer SIM games. That being said, whenever the controller is out of the camera range (Tennis, VR Regata, box, etc.) it is not tracked. So the ideal would be if HP would find a way around that. Maybe Reverb v2 that has just been previewed might allow that because of more cameras? we will see. Tracking is spot on. Previously I had VIVE 1, and ASUS WMR. both great at their times.

  6. hp reverb it's better than the rift s i can play the half life alyx with beter quality, and can i play a lot of games from steam like saints and sinners? i want to buy this or rift s what is beter?

  7. This seems to be the same controllers as Odyssey+ Can you tell that the currently the Samsung Odyssey+ are updated and working good like you tested in boneworks, please this is super important, I'm super worried about controls of Odyssey+, I just had buy one ?

  8. I cant more happy with my reverb v2 but I have a feeling my ipd is more than 67 since it takes a bit of effort each time to focus on the pic first time I put it on. Im getting a second hand index thios week to compare. I only do racing simulation and the selling point for me is the 120 hz mode that its possible with the index. Without trying a higher fov I dont know what Iam missing but I know how 120hz feels like :). Clariy is really nice in the reverb but but but what the point if the sweet is so small than I need to tilt my head down to look at my steering wheel? hopefully its bigger sweet spot on the index.

  9. Sebastian, really love your work and channel. I am building my first desktop, and really on the brink of buying this headset. I currently use a PSVR. There are two things in my way of getting this headset.

    No.1. The wire, how much of a problem is it? I am not going to use this headset for sims only. I intend to play HLA on it and other games too. Maybe you can do a demo for us HLA plus WMR devices like the HP reverb?

    Second, just saw the Reverb G2 teaser, wish they come out with it sooner then later. Any inside scoop on when we might hear anything on this?

    Thank you in advance for your guidance.

  10. I recently acquired a Pimax 5k plus and I don't like it due to the very small sweet spot, its a shame for the FOV is great but pointless if most of the picture is slightly blurry, So the hunt continues for a better HMD, maybe the Reverb or the Rift S

  11. I got one yesterday and while the resolution is great. other things let it down IPD only goes to 67! and for DCS and Xplane there is a lot of messing around to get it set right. the rift s is a lot more user friendly but lacks the resolution of the HP.

  12. I'm not really enjoying my Reverb anymore due mostly to a poor 3D depth effect. Does anyone have any references with the Reverb vs other headsets? I remember the Odyssey & HP 1440p being superior. I'm not sure its the headset at fault(I have issues with my vision/depth) so I'm looking for some confirmation.

  13. I have both the Rift S and the Reverb …. I don't see any difference in the FOB, … I've never noticed the screen edge in the Reverb … the huge difference for me with these to sets if the marketabe better quality of the graphics in the Reverb over the Rift S …. the one and only down side of the Reverb is the crappy WMR controllers

  14. I"ve owned one since the beginning. It works for my needs. Resolution is the best you can get. Yah, I wished it had maybe 10-20 more fov,but it works so far. Controller is ok. Tracking is very good. Overall, at this point I have nothing to complain about as WMRs I tried were horrible. Once you see this massive resolution, you will not be able to go back to low res wmrs.

  15. Bought mine during Black Friday sales, bout 拢430, turned out to be a pretty good purchase. Its got its flaws, but as others have said, the picture quality is stunning. Tried the CV1 again yesterday (which I gave to my son), it's comfort and picture quality is garbage compared to the Reverb, so much so, that I thought screen was bust. That's the main downside with the Reverb, you won't want to go back to a compromised picture quality, IE , lower resolution that other headsets offer.
    Also, a 1080TI works fine in almost all situations, even with additional super-sampling over the already insane resolution.

  16. My problem with it was the same as with the RiftS IPD isn鈥檛 mechanical. Mine is 59 and both of the sets made me sick. Index is perfect. Would like the Reverb res on the index

  17. If this headset had 2 more cameras Facebook would go out of business. 200 bucks for much better screen and sound. Imho the controllers are good as well, dunno why MRTV doesn't like 'em, I mean they're infinitely better than Vive wands. They just feel like an xbox controller, not amazing, not bad, just a controller.

  18. Seriously save the extra pennies and pounds and get a reverb. It is light years ahead of every single other VR headset bar none. The Rifts and Vives are absolutely second rate compared to the reverb. Basically you are just wasting 300, 400 or 500 pounds.

  19. Nice job Sebastian.
    What is the PC requirements for this product and what games can be compatible With it?
    Can it be compatible with Logitech G29 or Thrustmaster wheel steering?
    Is it compatible with the Woojer Edge Vest or the Subpac M2X?
    Please do give me your honest answer.
    God bless you.


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