Microsoft Surface Book 2 Review – Good for Architecture? VR?


I have been finding Surface Book 2, 15″ model to be really well suited for architecture, design, and 3D modeling. I wanted to share my experience along with a couple of things that I have noticed about this laptop. Will it be able to handle VR?

Surface Book 2 15″

Surface Book 2 13.5″

Screen Protector

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22 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Book 2 Review – Good for Architecture? VR?”

  1. Thank you so much for this. You have answered all my questions about this laptop because I study architecture as well. I'm very looking forward to get it. Hopefully one day i'll lay my hands on it. Great review.

  2. Sometimes with this laptop you need to go into the NVIDIA control centre and force a program to use the GPU. By default it avoids doing this so that you can detach the screen without an issue.

  3. Have you tried the Win+G shortcut that brings up the Xbox Game Bar for screen recording? I found it to work very nicely as I believe it is the default option for screen recording in Windows.

  4. hi, i don’t know if you’re gonna see this but i’m thinking of buying a new laptop that is touch screen and allows me to take notes/draw. i’m going to (hopefully!) take architecture as an undergrad course in october. i use my laptop to both edit videos/pictures aswell as CAD software, would you recommend the microsoft book over the surface bro or any laptop?

  5. Unfortunately Rift S doesn't work on any Surface Book.
    USB is incompatible and displayport as well because isn't directly chained to the Nvidia GPU but to the Intel iGPU.

  6. Should I buy this for 1200? or something with a 2060 for $350 more?(asus g14) I’m using it for graphic design, 3D motion for my design, and some video editing

  7. Hi Joseph! I love your review. It's great.
    I'm currently a student studying interior design. I usually use software like AutoCAD, SketchUp and 3dsmax for rendering. I'm struggling not knowing if I should purchase Microsoft surface book 2 or Microsoft surface pro 7. Can I have your advice?

  8. Thank you so much for this review. Wanted to get a vr headset for half life and really wanted this to work since I already have the laptop. Was wondering if the Samsung Odyssey would be better but looks like it won't matter.

  9. Hey Joe, thanks for the informative review! Leaning towards the 13” model at the moment (as I value portability), but am concerned the 2gb Gtx1050 won’t cut it for the BIM software I’m currently using. Your feedback would be much appreciated, thanks!!


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