The BIG VR Headset Comparison – Best VR Headset For 2020


What VR headset should you buy in 2020? In this video, we compare 10 VR headsets to answer that question.
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It’s almost the end of the year, and so I wanted to make a big comparison of all the VR headsets that we own. This video is for you if you are looking to buy your first VR headset or are looking to upgrade.

For those that don’t know me, I have been running this VR channel together with Chary, my girlfriend, for over three years now. And in those years, we’ve spent many hours in VR testing headsets, games, and apps. So by now, we have quite a collection of VR headsets. It’ll be interesting to compare them today!

00:24 – Introducing the VR headsets in this video
02:00 – Video introduction
02:50 – Oculus Go
Get it here:
– Oculus Go (US)
– Oculus Go (UK)
– Oculus Go (NL)

04:41 – Oculus Quest
Get it here:
– Oculus Quest (US)
– Oculus Quest (UK)
– Oculus Quest (NL) (Coolblue)
– Our Oculus Quest review video:

07:12 – Oculus Rift S
Get it here:
– Oculus Rift S (US)
– Oculus Rift S (UK)
– Oculus Rift S (NL Coolblue) –

09:08 – Oculus Rift CV1

10:18 – HTC VIVE original
Get it here:

12:04 – HTC VIVE PRO
Get it here:

12:44 – HTC VIVE Cosmos
Get it here:
– Cosmos (US)
– Cosmos (UK)
– Cosmos (NL)
– Our video on HTC VIVE Cosmos:

15:01 – PlayStation VR (PSVR)
Get it here:

16:31 – Pimax 5K Plus (5K+)
Get it here:
– Pimax 5K+ (US)
– Pimax 5K+ (UK)
– More info on Pimax 5K+:

19:32 – Valve Index
Get it here:
– Our full review on Valve Index:
– More info on Valve Index:

22:01 – IPD
22:43 – Difference between 3DoF & 6DoF
23:45 – Inside-out & outside-in tracking
24:33 – Outro

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VR on!
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38 thoughts on “The BIG VR Headset Comparison – Best VR Headset For 2020”

  1. Rift s sucks I purchased it last year and it tried to setup it says continue setup in vr I put it on and the screen is black and I returned it and waited a week for a new one and same problem happened I troubleshooted for hours and I just ended up returning it now I’m looking to get a better headset

  2. I bought the original rift at €180 and was like new. I love it. And from my experience I'd choose outside sensor tracking over any inside out tracking, even if it's more labor intensive to setup.

  3. Great video, helped alot. Thank you! My only suggestion is leave the specs/price of each headset up while you are talking so we have time to look at the specs and compare without pausing. Thank you!

  4. I pre-ordered the Valve Index after discovering your channel about a year ago and watching one of your early test videos. I'd been researching replacements for the original Oculus Rift for some time. I have been very happy with the purchase. I agree that it would be nice to see more games support the Index controllers, but when they do its kind of magic.

    I came back to this particular video because I wanted to get an expert opinion on how the mobile headsets are currently comparing. I wouldn't trade my Index for an Oculus Quest for most games, but when playing rhythm games there are times when I wish I had more flexibility and fewer cords (none). I'm still undecided on adding an Oculus Quest to my collection just so I can play a few Beat Saber 360 songs, but the fact that the controllers are comfortable and kits are easily available to balance out the headset is encouraging.

    And, thank you for the excellent recommendation!

  5. Don't catch all your stuff…sorry. This is really good one. Definitions sure to help many people comprehend comparisons better. Still waiting for my Index to come in…argh!😭🤔😎 One day soon.

  6. Hi ! It was a nice video and all but I wanted to ask you a serious question,

    Im Trying to buy a Vr mostly for Vrchat use and they are so expensive!!!!… just wanted to ask you if you were actually *interested in selling one of those which i could use for Vrchat at a price I would be crazy happy and maybe it will help you too as I dont think you use them all now.. Please 🙂

  7. Also keep in mind if you are willing to do diy/ tinker you can mix and match headsets. Even make Vive stuff work with Oculus or psvr work with PC. Heck you can even just use a bunch of phones… The diy side is strong. Look up driver4vr, psmoveservice and riftcat to get you started in the diy space.

  8. Minor correction: Lighthouse tracking is in fact Inside-out not Outside-in. The HMDs track the position themselve. The Lighthouses are what they are named. They throw IR light so that the hmd and controller can track it to compute their own position.
    The original Rift, PSVR are the only Headsets with Outside-In only. There are some Headsets with NoloVr tracking compatibility (NoloVr is really similar to Rift tracking)

  9. This is super helpful. I’m 100% getting the valve index, I do a lot of high pace flight sim flying like practicing dog fight maneuvers with my friend (we are working on becoming actual fighter pilots) and being able to literally turn your head to track someone instead of trying to use an unrealistically mapped stick on the Hotas which breaks immersion and removed function to what would have been a very useful macro is super helpful and honestly it’s super surreal when you look over your wing and your buddy is there and you feel like you’re in the seat of an f/a-18c, there’s just something about it that nothing else other then actually being there can give you.

  10. the lenovo explorer and samsung odessey sound intresting too!
    And I heard the quest sadly has a jello effect with PC and the refresh rate is soooo slow
    apparently the index dies quickly too. and has a lot of issues and the cable isn't replaceable!?? or am I wrong about that


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