VZfit Review – Oculus Quest Cycling App (VR Cycling)


In this video, I go over VZFit, a really fun VR cycling app/hardware combo for your Oculus Quest (and Oculus Go). Using a sensor that goes on your stationary bike’s crank arm and a Bluetooth controller, the VZFit apps take you into the metaverse to go on your next ride. With real-world scenery using Google street view imaging and a suite of Oculus Quest fitness games, I found this app takes the monotony out of using my stationary bike. Get it here: https://www.virzoom.com/buy/

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging VR cycling / Oculus Quest fitness app I think you’ll enjoy FZFit. The only downside is the Google street view imaging can be janky and distorted at times. Hopefully, we’ll see an update that improves this. There are plenty of Oculus Quest fitness games built-in in addition to the street view aspect of it that makes for a really fun time while working out. I think this is the best VR cycling app currently available.

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33 thoughts on “VZfit Review – Oculus Quest Cycling App (VR Cycling)”

  1. Good Video! I am know bumming that I sold a indoor unit that allowed my regular bike to act as a stationary! Looking for a way to get a cheap bike so I can try it! Tx!

  2. Great vid. I’ve only had my quest a week so am still learning all the stuff you can get for it. This is a great way to keep fit at home during lockdown and makes a change from Beat Sabre

  3. Saw this video on your FB group. I am sorry, but I have been laughing at how out of breath you are while trying to talk and bike! I have been looking at this and I appreciate you showing how it works! 🙂

  4. Hi, thanks for the review! A couple questions, if you please:
    1. Do I only need to buy VZfit, install Vir Zoom Arcade app on my PC and fix my bicycle in a room to get it all working fine?
    2. Does it work with HTC Vive?

  5. I have a big dream of someone answering me to buy this experience. I've already sent several emails and nobody responds.

    Please if someone is reading this comment and can help me send a direct @portalvr360


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