VR Is It Worth It In 2020 and Beyond? | Virtual Reality Review Checkup


VR Is It Worth It In 2020 and Beyond? | Virtual Reality Review Checkup | Work To Game
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Virtual Reality in the form of the Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, Hive HTC, Valve Index has been out for a while and is only getting better, but is it worth it in 2020 and beyond? In this Virtual Reality Review Checkup, we dive into the state of VR and talk about concerns we have for VR in 2020, namely as a gamer, as a parent and as a content creator. This video features footage from Minecraft VR Edition and captured on an Oculus Rift S.
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28 thoughts on “VR Is It Worth It In 2020 and Beyond? | Virtual Reality Review Checkup”

  1. I don't think VR is worth what it is at this point, I have the Oculus rift CV and have it uninstalled/disconnected for almost a year now, no urge to even connect it back to my new system and do stuff in VR mainly because Oculus has changed their home screen enviroment to the point it is unbareble to be there, it looks BAD! the old enviroment had a balcony and living room, I dunno if people now what i'm talking about, but it look good because everything was close to you, the new enviroment which is around for more than a year now has everything very far and things look like blurry, unclear, alliased and every bad thing you don't want to see in a game! Aside from this playing games in VR has never been my cookie because they only have shoot this and that games and no 3rd person perspective rpg games. Where you can just sit in a chair chilling out playing VR, never understood why I need to stand for every game, like duuuh don't they get it thatthere are people that don't want to stand and trip over the cort?! or those who work and come home to mellow out.. For this reason VR is imo not ready to become mainstream, yea sure I have some great educational apps, but those are not what you want to do day in day out.

  2. To me this is like asking whether you should buy the PSVR when a better version will come out later. So my standpoint on this is buy a tablet or laptop if you don't have one. The consoles and vr headsets are here to stay but a smart person isn't. They are always innovating new technology so why not make an investment in yourself and reinnovate your mind to the one you desire and then come back and ask if you should buy a vr headset after everything you learned about the vr headset. A good mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  3. Thanks Brian. It was informative to me as a 37 year old parent of young children who doesn't game anymore, because I'm busy with other hobbies (mostly outdoors) but still keen to be up to date with new technology and keen to acquire new hobbies.

  4. Vr is a system that if you let your kids play it they will have warm memories like I have of my Atari. It's the future the possibilities are endless. The experience I have had in vr could not be duplicated anywhere.

  5. From this video he doesn't seem to be using to its extent. He says that minecraft vr is an exception although minecraft vr is a relatively bad vr game. When he says that children cant play it, I assume he means 6 year olds although he makes it sound like kids in general which is false.

  6. one of my favorite VR experiences is ace combat VR wich atm is ps4 VR exclusive. i like the idea of vr experiences as additional content for a game.

  7. Great comment about being a parent…

    I'm interested in making VR video content. Need to be able to view my content on a decent headset. Looking at Valve Index.

    Oh, check out tilt5. AR Gaming system.

  8. i would recommend vr chat for the social aspect. until you fall for the sword play and the bite size form of play. Those are the ones that i would recommend you try out (as a dad myself i like games that i can pick up and put down fast ). Also something you may not have thought about try playing movies or your 2d games in there i find sometimes its really nice to relax like that (make sure your headset is very comfy tho). If your looking for games with friends keep talking and nobody explodes gets the family involved (all these games are also way cheaper then normal as well) take care have fun in VR ^_^

  9. I think the marketing problem plaguing VR is that it makes for crappy content on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. We live in an era where the perception among a lot of gamers is "if nobody's streaming gameplay of a thing, it isn't any good, not worth buying" and so on. We hear things like "VR is dead." That is a hurdle that anyone selling VR hardware or software has to contend with.

  10. Sounds like you havent played a game like Asgard's Wrath yet as that is amazing high quality AAA RPG in the vein of Skyrim. Also yesterday Stormland released with again is a AAA shooter type game. Beat Saber is beyond amazing and there are so many other things. I also dont feel you can knock VR because you might not hear kids. This is the same with playing any game on your PC while having headphones on. Bar that love your content in general 🙂

  11. The biggest problem VR has IMO is that is such a risk to develop for. The VR market is very small to warrant investing a lot of money in making more grandiose games for it. On the other hand I think VR benefits from games that can be play in and out of VR since it serves as a non compulsory entry point to the headset. I dont know if Minecraft does this, but i know No Mans Sky allows VR players to play with regular players and I believe the upcoming action mmo Nostos as well.

  12. VR is awesome and anyone who says otherwise is in denial or can't afford it.
    I can't tell you how many family members and friends poo poo the idea "blah blah I tried a demo at best buy and it was crap" when I've strapped them in my house they are blown away .

    But if I wanted to complain about VR I would say my problem is after 10-12 hrs of working. I simply don't wanna do room scale and stand up, I prefer more sit down VR stuff as awesome as beat saber is I'm just tired lol.
    As far as sit down stuff I can recommend
    Thumper – trippy rythm game
    Chronos – zelda/resident evil adventure game
    Luckys tale – mario 64 in vr

  13. Great video! There's a big push in the Apple space with Augmented Reality with some of their apps and dev kits, etc. I was wondering where AR would fit in the games spaces as an alternative to VR. I think VR has a metric ton of application in education "virtual" travel experiences. Google Earth is a blast in that regard. Imagine going to a place you always dreamed of going but can't afford to but with an Google Earth you can for free. I would love to jump into VR because I do have a gaming laptop that advertises as "VR Ready" but 1) the VR headsets are a bit above my means right now and 2) in a small apartment i wouldn't be able to take advantage of some of the more activity oriented games like would Sony has. Maybe once I'm in a bigger space some day, I'll be able to try it. But I have to tell you about one story before I need to jet. I don't remember where we were exactly maybe it was during our family trip to San Francisco to visit the Intel Musuem, which was amazing, btw. My older nephew got to try the Oculus Rift(?) and he was playing some kind of art game/app. And he was creating this 3D picture in real time frame for us using VR. I thought it was really cool and I'm gobsmacked continuously on how far technology has come and I feel that the applications for VR and AR are virtually endless and it's going to be an adventure to see what shakes out next year and a few years down the road. Still reeling from the announcements from XO19 and I'm very excited for FFXIV FINALLY coming to the Xbox. But I'm excited for the Yakuza games, the older Kingdom Hearts games which I've been looking to play for so long and all the other Final Fantasy games. Is FFXI available for the Xbox? I don't remember if it still was. For some reason my gaming laptop did not like the PlayOnline app and I think it was an old 32-bit app that Windows 10 doesn't like for some reason. I'm very curious to see what it's like compared to FFXIV. And…I'll stop now. Thanks again for reading this.

  14. I don’t think VR is there yet and I believe it needs something to really sell the experience. Kinda like looking at Google stadia’s starting roaster for games, it has good games but nothing current to sell the product that you can’t get for cheaper on another system. I believe this applies to VR because you need something to make your investment worth it than what the competition provides.


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