Wish Micro Bikini Review 3D 180º VR


Welcome to Let’s Get Krazee VR! We ordered a Micro Bikini off of Wish.com to test it as Boudoir Photography Wardrobe. Model Becky LeSabre tried it out, and here are some Behind the Scenes video and our honest reviews. This video should work with most VR headsets, let us know what you think in the comments!

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24 thoughts on “Wish Micro Bikini Review 3D 180º VR”

  1. I read comments and iam confused. Are they connecting their phones or computer to another device? Iam watching on my phone this video and it's much less in the resolution and the motion is annoying.? The girl is nice but she's blurry?

  2. Didn't care much for this, the girl was blurry? I never experienced this VR thing but I guess it's best working with some high quality headset. The girl was lovely though.


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