Beginners Guide To Virtual Reality – Which Headset Should You Buy?


I give you a beginners buyers guide to Virtual Reality. I explain why now is a great time to get into Virtual Reality and go through the pros and cons of the best VR headsets available on the market right so you can make an informed decision on which headset is right for you…

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01:52 – Why now is a great time to get into VR
03:29 – Google Cardboard
04:35 – Oculus Go
05:40 – Oculus Quest
07:14 – Nintendo Labo VR
08:10 – Playstation VR
09:13 – Oculus Rift S
10:38 – Valve Index

If you’re interested in any of the VR headsets I’ve mentioned in this video, I’ve provided links to all the headsets below. These are my Amazon affiliate links. Using these links doesn’t cost you any extra but helps support me and the channel. Thank you []-)

Google Cardboard ($10 / £10)
US –
UK –

Oculus Go ($199 / £199)
US –
UK –

Oculus Quest ($399 / £399)
US –
UK –

Nintendo Labo VR ($39 / £39)
US –
UK –

PSVR ($326 / £299)
US –
UK –

Oculus Rift S ($399 / £399)
US –
UK –

Valve Index ($999 / £919)
Wordwide –

Let me know if you’re new to VR and what headset interests you the most and why? If you’re a VR veteran feel free to add your own experience with these headsets in the comments.

Thanks for watching []-)

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44 thoughts on “Beginners Guide To Virtual Reality – Which Headset Should You Buy?”

  1. My 6 year old wants a VR headset for his birthday which is in 1 week. I have never even heard of one until he asked for one. We are on a tight tight budget due to me being off work for 3 months thanks to covid. He wants to get one he can play games like roblox on. Are they worth it? Which one do I need? Do i have to buy games for it?

  2. I recommend the Quest, because it is cheap, and is standalone so you can use it while traveling. It can also run steamVR games and rift games with a powerful PC. It also has other cool features like hand tracking. But, get it from the official Oculus site, and not Amazon because it is now $600.

  3. Well if you play on your ps4 I think the best ve headset you can get is the psvr because it hooks up with your ps4

    Xbox one games be like 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Which vr headset should I buy? I'm new user I heared oculus quest is the best I don't want spoil my money I want best 3d picture quality and vr worlds, videos like more realistic can u tell me which one should I buy?


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