BEST 360 VR Travel Monopod for Professionals – Review, Build Guide & Shooting Tips


📜 Gear List for this build guide:
Looking for the best support system for professional 360VR Cameras? Everything you saw so far is for consumers – those suggestions all have high risk of breaking your expensive professional VR Cameras. This is my suggestion and builds guide that can support VR cam like Insta360 Titan, Insta360 Pro 2, Kandao Obsidian, and Z Cam V1 Pro. The guide is with ease to travel in mind and fit in different styles of VR shooting.

This is a build guide from professionals to professionals. Here are what you will learn:

0:00 – Intro
2:23 – my setup – why Nodal Ninja Travel Pole
4:50 – Specs + User Guide
8:32 – Support base system – the build guide
11:33 – Attachments – tips to stay organized on set

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17 thoughts on “BEST 360 VR Travel Monopod for Professionals – Review, Build Guide & Shooting Tips”

  1. If anyone is on the search for the Nodal Ninja Travel Pole like I was, check out, specifically – B&H was back ordered, and this place had them. Awesome customer service too. It wasn't actually listed as the "Nodal Ninja Travel Pole" when I found it, but that's what it is. And HUGH! Thanks for all the tips! I am running a week of solid shoots with the Titan next week and will only have half a day to learn the camera. Your channel has been indispensable!

  2. I just got a Obsidian Go camera to take 3D VR photos (won't be shooting video at the moment) – can you recommend what is the best 3D VR Stitching Program (that doesn't require a monthly subscription fee) for 8K photos?

  3. Sorry to say Nodal Ninja just closed the operations in the US effective Oct 28th 2019. Nodal Ninja will now be headquartered in Hong Kong under the control of Nick Fan of Fanotec International.


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