Seeking Dawn VR In-Depth Game Review – 100 in 100


Seeking Dawn VR In-Depth Game Review

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Seeking Dawn may seem like a gory game, but it is much more. Immerse yourself in the unknown worlds while you fend off other humans and aliens. This game is all about survival. Test your survival skills against the greatest fighters in the world in this game. Whether it be fellow humans or foreign aliens, you are going to get your moneys worth in each and every step.

In this first-person shooting game, you will do much more than shoot. Whether it be on the hunt for food for hours it seems, or trying to get across the level to new and improved bases, this game will provide you with everything you hope to face while inside of virtual reality. We don’t want to spoil too much of this game’s story, but the theme of being on an out-of-galaxy planet will stay consistent no matter which quest you are trying to complete.

In our VR game reviews, we cover everything you will want to know before you go out and buy a VR title. Our game covers the following:

Getting Up and Running 0:50
Type of Game 1:55
Player Perspective 2:28
Theme and Story 3:21
Controls 5:01
Music and Sound 6:32
Player Movement 7:32
Kinetosis 8:52
Environment and Immersion 9:56
Overall 10:59

Score Card
Theme & Story: 8/10
Music and Sound: 7/10
Player Movement: 8/10
Kinetosis: 7/10
Environment and Immersion: 10/10
Overall: 7.6/10


9 thoughts on “Seeking Dawn VR In-Depth Game Review – 100 in 100”

  1. It is now (29.12.2019) for 4.99 EUR on Steam. Price slashed from 24.99 EUR till 2nd of January 2020. I'm trying to decide wheter it is worth buying it. That's why I watched this video 🙂

  2. I really wanted to like this game, but after running into over saturated environments using recycled set-pieces over and over, such as copy pasting the same gore blocks every foot it felt, as well as that giant spider stuck in the wall (saw that one re-used a ton) it just felt devoid of anything compelling, as the story felt very action-survival generic. and finding a game breaking item duplication bug totally killed my fps as it turns out, there were no storage lockers for any items, and they don't warn you of this.

    I had my initial fun, but it didn't last too long as the harvesting that was supposed to be amazing to look at got repetitive and agonizingly time consuming

  3. Thanks, nice to see a recent review. Quality content, keep this shit up and this channel will grow nicely imo. Simone's grandmother is bound to be uncomfortable with you keeping your jacket on indoors tho. poor old biddy.


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