Skyrim Meets God of War, But Made for VR (Asgard's Wrath Gameplay)


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42 thoughts on “Skyrim Meets God of War, But Made for VR (Asgard's Wrath Gameplay)”

  1. Planning on reviewing Alyx? I am having a heck of a time deciding which is better. Of course they are different genres, but still curious what you think 🙂

  2. Asgards Wrath, Stormlands, boneworks, Lone Echo, Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, Vr like it or hate it is rounding the corner and becoming the serious gaming medium that mobile failed to become, It's had to reinvent games to do it but think about how fresh it is and How many of its big titles came to deliver with wide-eyed honest ambition while bigger studios with more money pumped out soulless games as a service garbage like Fallout 76, Destiny 2, and Anthem.

  3. I am 100% going to get a VR headset in the future, its one of those things that I know I have to experience in my life and I got a lot of time to do it because I'm young 🙂

  4. The oculus quest can also plug into a PC now. It may be even better than the quest since it uses OLED panels.
    And there’s still the fact that it can be a standalone device

  5. Frankly feels like you're shilling pretty hard here. I'm sure playing it in VR adds to the experience, but what you showed here looked like nothing special. Simplistic puzzles and repetitive combat that would be ass normally are now oh so exciting through VR magic? Hmm, dunno about that. You also make some rather questionable endorsements like you're desperately looking for something positive to say. For example that it's more fun than Bioware or Bethesda in recent years. Oh wow, better than ME Andromeda or Fallout 76? What a dizzying high bar to set. The controllers come with batteries? I get/hope that's a joke, but still. It's a $400 toy, I hope there's something more impressive about it than it comes with batteries.

  6. I just got a rift s today for black friday and its absolutely blowing me away. Beat saber and superhot vr are all i played so far (Downloading AW now) and the level of immersion im getting is way more than i expected. Even in the oculus tutorial i approached the edge of a tall building and had genuine goosebumps looking down. I just wish it wasnt so blurry all the time. I have to tighten it so tight around my head to get decent clarity and it gets uncomfortable pretty quick. Also wire is annoying and i cant imagine being able to seemlessly turn around in a full circle without the wire making it a huge pain every time. Other than that im loving it and cant wait to try AW and half life alyx.

  7. Nice to see you made that jump to VR. I've bought a Vive back and 2017 and I think it's the best game device I've ever bought! Period. Oculus has been getting some nice exclusives, like this game, through on their Oculus Launcher, I've been thinking of getting Rift S myself so I can play them the way they are meant to be played.

  8. I have i7 7700k and a gtx 1070ti. Would it run? I can't decide if i should get Asgards Wrath or Stormland both look really interesting. But i can only buy 1 of them. And my pc ist not the best. So i am not sure if it will run.

  9. My eyes roll at 90mph every time a VR reviewer says Beatsabre is one of the best VR games. It's not even close. Hell, the Doom3 VR mod is faaaar better and it's not even an official VR game! TBF though Doom3 VR is absolutely awesome and crazily immersive.

  10. Damn… i really need to get myself a VR headset now. All the hassle to set up earlier versions and all the cables turned me off, but with how easy it got with the Rift S i really don't have any excuse to wait anymore.


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