Brain Man VR Reviews – Episode 1 – Xortex & Beat Saber (aka Beat Sabre)


The first ever episode of Brain Man VR covering two of the best.

Each week The Neuroformer shares his top 5 tips on how to boost your Virtual Reality experiences on the basis of some very basic biology and neuroscience.

While these games are all available on the HTC VIVE, the tips are equally valid whether you have a Vive, Oculus, PSVR or any other virtual reality kit, for that matter

In this, the 1st episode of Brain Man VR reviews, 2 classic virtual reality games are reviewed:

1) “The Lab” is a suite of free games provided for free by Valve to show what the HTC VIVE can do. The focus here is on one particular game called Xortex – a hectic 360 degree battle between a small hand-held drone and a bunch of spherical floating robots, spewing plasma bullets, mines and lasers in every conceivable direction inside a big metal pipe.

Remember when Luke Skywalker was training his light sabre skills against a floating robot on the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars?

It’s nothing like that.

2) Beat Saber – quite possibly the world’s favourite VR game

With a light sabre in each hand you’ve got to slash approaching cubes at the correct angle and as close to the beat as possible. An energetic and highly addictive game that really gets your juices flowing. Any effort to play the game dynamically, i.e. using fluid movements rather than the bare minimum, and you’ll find your quickly producing dance moves a warehouse raver would be proud of.

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