Elven Assassin VR Oculus Quest Review


Today on BMF we have a review for Elven Assassin VR on the Oculus Quest! Is this the archery game we’ve been looking for on the Quest?

Check out the review to find out.

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38 thoughts on “Elven Assassin VR Oculus Quest Review”

  1. What's pvp ? 2 questions: If my wife and I buy a headset each can we play together or is it only with people online . And if we have a friend elsewhere can we all play with the 3 of us (and no one else )? Thanks !

  2. I've been playing the hell out of Elven Assassin on the Rift S. It's a great wave shooter game, based on your own skill at shooting a bow and arrow. The game gives you a work out, because your arms will get tired pretty fast.

    IMO, it has a ton of replay value, it has a leadership board, so you can put your score up against others.

  3. Any chance you could include subtitles or captions for those who are deaf and hard of hearing? There’s plenty of us playing Oculus Quest and we could use some of your reviews!

  4. Got this for the Rift S as it was on sale for $8.99. It's ok I guess but not something I see myself playing much. I kept it because it was on sale, at normal price I'd probably would have refunded it. I can't imagine I'd like it more on the Quest.

    I'd much rather play The Lab's Crossbow to be honest.

  5. Hey BMF love your videos , good content and right length , but when reviewing a game would you consider giving it a score , currently you seem to like all the games you review , a score would give more of an indication as to how good the title actually is. Keep up the great work and keep on questing 🙂

  6. spoiler alert: If it's for Quest, then it's not going to have a long fun-duration. It's a bunch experimental mini-games. The most "replayable" VR experiences are the creator apps, like tiltbrush & sculptvr.

  7. Number one guy for Quest reviews. Quickest out every time! One small suggestion, I would love a numbering rating just so I can see exactly how you compare games to each other

  8. ok this looks like a real proper VR mobile game… not in a good way :/ Just my personal opinion… Anyway thank you for the review. Keep them coming. Love your channel.


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