No Man's Sky PSVR Review: The most important game yet for VR | PS4 Pro Gameplay


No Man’s Sky is a hugely-ambitious, sci-fi adventure that spans entire galaxies all brought to life with procedural generation. Travel through an endless array of increasingly diverse and dangerous star systems, prospecting for rare materials, trading with alien life, populate planets and searching for clues to the meaning of the universe’s mysterious existence. How you survive is up to you. Assemble entire fleets of freighters and tear across the universe; build sprawling habitable bases across planet surfaces, beneath the ground or under the ocean; buy and upgrade weapons and star ships and do battle with outlaw space pirates, hostile alien fauna or the mysterious sentinel fleets. The universe is yours to explore. The thought of such a massive and ambitious current gen titled coming to PSVR always felt like a fantasy of the foolish…..but here we are. Does it deliver? Lets find out.

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24 thoughts on “No Man's Sky PSVR Review: The most important game yet for VR | PS4 Pro Gameplay”

  1. I like it, but there's not enough npc's in it.
    I would've loved to recruit my own crew members and order them to come with me on missions and have them build things based on skematics that I made myself, and direct then where to go based on my hand movements.
    Capturing animals and splicing my own creature to fight with me and sniff out rare materials for me would be cool too.
    And of course, A F@@@ing Death Star Lazer. I want to blow up planets with my enemies still on them

  2. first thing i tested No Man's Sky yesterday on a Ps Pro with VR … Holy … my first VR experience … it was ugly as fuck so blury and as there is ANTI -> anti alasing —> WTF
    i set the movement to smoth … i hated the teleport thing no motion sicknes … but the graphic is horrible on a ps4 pro VR … it can not be that this game looks on a ps4 (normal) 10 times better then on a Ps4 pro and VR.

  3. No hate here, but skip the intro folks. It’s SUPER long!!!! Vid starts at 1:00.

    Love your content man, but a simple 10-second welcoming intro w/ your branding would’ve been plenty.

    Just some constructive criticism. Again – love your channel and content. Just trying to offer some help.

    People often lose interest in the first 10 SECONDS of a video on YouTube. So if you don’t immediately grab us with what you’re selling in the title…many will just give up.

    I’ve personally never played this game. Came looking for a review. But your intro immediately seemed like footage and content from other gaming. Then a long introduction. THEN the actual review….

    Little did I know, your intro was of this game. But since I hadn’t played it yet – just want to be honest and help…

    I really did almost click off. The intro seemed immediately unrelated and SO LONG.

    Just my first impression. But if you’re an active YouTuber hoping to build an audience, I would think and hope that you’d take things like this into consideration…

  4. I forgot I saw this already . . . yeah I shouldn't have thought this game was so much for me (even in VR) though I thought it would be a nice game to chill out in and see some nice visuals (might need to be patient for that to start getting more interesting). So far it kind of feels too much like work. Then again, I'm on a shooter stint right now with the Aim and Move controllers, so maybe I'm not in the right mood at the moment.

  5. Honestly, they need to make this work with the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS 4, alongside the Move Controllers. Using them all together would be ridiculously immersive.

  6. Am I doing something wrong? When using the normal PS4 controller in VR, flying in my ship is perfect and awe inspiring, but on the planet I can't walk around! It is "point the cursor and morph to that spot" gameplay, which isn't so much fun. All the reviews I have seen show you walking freely around the planet – is this only if using the PS move controllers? Or is there a setting I can change? Thanks

  7. Very good, I'm really impressed the way vr is going. Really impressed with the controls finally with the ps4 wands. I think considering this is the first gen for commercial virtual reality, this is moving really fast and I'm excited and cant wait to see next gen examples. Hopefully ps5.

  8. Talking about sounds, I noticed in vr with turtlebeach on. When sitting in the ship and its stormy outside you can hear the rain hitting the roof of the ship which is really nice 🙂

  9. The feeling when you leave the planet for the first few times in PSVR is terrifying and awe-inspiring. You get used to it after a while, but at first it's genuinely overwhelming and exhilarating. Going through black holes, too.. and just everything in the game really. DEFINITELY worth it

  10. Great video but the beginning… I almost closed the video assuming after the first 10 seconds then skipping ahead 10 seconds several times and still hearing music that the whole video was just music to someone's recording of gameplay.

    60 seconds of music with no intro is probably why this video doesn't have higher views even though it should. Honestly it was a great video after the music. Very professional and well done.


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