No Man's Sky VR Review (Hello Games) – Rift, Vive, Index, PSVR


Here’s our full in-depth review of No Man’s Sky’s excellent VR support.

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31 thoughts on “No Man's Sky VR Review (Hello Games) – Rift, Vive, Index, PSVR”

  1. I was having the same issue with the FPS lag but on my pcvr, I downgraded the graphics to all on standard and I have not had any problems as of yet. I know no one wants to downgrade your graphics but as of right now until they come out with patches, that may be your best bet to play the game on vr

  2. Next time its rrally cheap, ill get it.
    I hate menus. Skyrim and bethesda taught me to despise pressing 18 buttons just to swap to the second most commom junk. Even with terrible favorites.
    One layer, two max, no constantly spamming leftleftleftleft up. Figure out a better way.

    Im making a vr game in ue4. Im damned happy with the progress.

    Physical menus, two presses max, reach in an manipulat options maybe once, keep objects excessible.

    Gtav rdr2 suffer from the same shit.
    5 menus, still need to press upupup leftleft ba select start.
    And those arnt codes… Thats just to swap between horse and wagon.

    You can do better.
    I am.

  3. Love this game so much, it’s breath taking every time I jump into VR but I haven’t been able to play in VR for a week for oculus has an huge optimization problem but they will fix soon I hope

  4. if your staggered by nms sense of scale. then I can take it your haven't played elite dangerous which has the same sense of scale.i played nms VR also both on the psvr and my rift S. and don't agree with your score on the psvr I give it a bit lower score mainly due too the move controllers I noticed tend to lose tracking and glitches out way more frequently than other games. using the ds4 controller is more reliable on the psvr version but kinds ruins the immersion. on the pc no man's sky is amazing. but could run even better if they added an option too run the game native on the current occulus sdk and software. lately since the rift s came out vr games over all will run significantly better when run natively than through steam vr.

  5. Vr is still in it's infancy, still needs alot of work with performance/visually which assuming is not an easy challenge. Me I am happy to enjoy what vr has to offer at this moment in time.

    When the gaming industry started, games were at best playable as is vr today. Technology is alot better now which gives vr a good starting point as as of previous attempts at introducing vr to consumers.

    Gaming companies need to release AAA titles to give vr a much needed boost. VR has so much potential not only for gamers, also Health, Construction, Disabilities, Navigating maybe many more.

  6. How can you give any vr game a 8.5 outta 10 when it has crippling performance issues. Performance has to be spot on for vr, its even more important when comparing to non vr. Can't give the game in vr a score over 4 myself. It NEEDS to run better for majority of people before its fair to give in a higher assessment.

  7. Game runs like shit in VR right now. Do NOT get the game for VR for either PS4 or PC if that's your soul purpose. You will be sorely disappointed and 1. sick from reprojection or 2. sick from vaseline smeared lenses on PSVR.

    I agree with most that they will probably fix it, but damn why wasn't it fixed before launch? They KNOW how things went last time they launched something too fast… OVERWHELMINGLY NEGATIVE.

  8. Hold up- “deserted planet” is WRONG. Your first planet has plenty of buildings and some are even nearby when you start. You’re just “stranded”. It’s by no means deserted tho.

    When 1% of the market has VR, they’re quite focused on optimizing flatscreen bugs over making VR better.

    I like the hand controlled controls it’s far more intuitive than having a mouse and keyboard near you and blind finding a keyboard and mouse near you, that’s totally stupid to even suggest for a VR player.

    You don’t need a playspace for the game like you I play NMS sitting in a swivel chair but I also just face forward, you don’t even need the 360 tracking really unless you try to spin around and kill something behind you, so I’d recommend having it so you can fight, but thumbstick snap is what I use all the time.

    The holo menus are hard to work with at first but playing a week in VR they’re very natural. Tho I’m thinking of changing the mode switching for my multitool to another control as that’s the only thing I don’t like having to pull up a menu to switch.

    Either way, I feel you’re way too critical for their VR mode only being out a week with probably a handful of non-VR testers being thrown a headset and told to play the game. It’s clear they didn’t test multiplayer since there’s no body tracking or they just didn’t care (or maybe they didn’t know how to deal with it and are waiting). Why not give them some time before focusing so much on the little gripes you have for VR. My experience in VR has improved significantly over their first week of literally daily updates. Give them a month and re-review the game. Or better yet just pull this down and review the update as flat screen and then revisit after they’ve had time to get the 99% of the market settled and they have time to focus on the VR aspect.

  9. It is pretty good the additions made to NMS, however the lingering long standing issue has been unaddressed, its boring with many tedious repetetive tasks like making fuel for vehicles that burns way too quickly, there is literally zero goal in mind beyond getting new stuff just to allow you to get new stuff but for no real useful reason, this is apparant in single player and also makes multiplayer pretty pointless, its an issue every single game of this type such as Osiris: New Dawn and MANY others, they all suffer the exact same issue but they all just stuff more features in there without addressing why we even need those new features.

  10. These updates can have a negative impact on long time players. Don't get too invested in this game, the next update will ruin your bases and freighter and will be full of glitches.


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