*UPDATED* Oculus Quest Pinball FX 2 VR Review


Hey Questers! So after jumping into the game and checking it again this afternoon after some comments, I realized that for some reason when initially recording game footage about a week ago for the review the game wasn’t allowing me six degrees of freedom. Having jumped in and tested it again It does, in fact, have 6DOF now for whatever reason so I have updated my review to reflect that. Sorry for the confusion!

Today on BMF I have an early Oculus Quest Pinball FX 2 VR Review! How does Pinball FX 2 VR play on the Quest and is it worth spending your quarters on?

Check out the video to find out.

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20 thoughts on “*UPDATED* Oculus Quest Pinball FX 2 VR Review”

  1. The game is crap IMHO. STILL no single tables to buy, just expensive "packages". STILL no new FX3-Tables. You cannot switch off the "funny" puppets and all the flying crap like you can on the PC.

  2. you really didn't explain any of the differences between the Go version and the Quest version even though you said you would at the start of the video.

  3. I got this game on the oculus go then oculus was good enough to let me download free on quest but what happened to my extra purchased pinball such as et back to future etc

  4. As an avid Pinball player.. Pinball FX is trash and over kill. There are Virtual Pinball VR ports now that use actual roms. I believe it's a VR port from the actual Visual Pinball tables..

  5. Seems to me Racket NX (big play space absolutely required) is a much better value game (am counting having to stupidly buy more tables like in pimball) that combines pinball and squash in a 6dof world. Fully great fun with virtual exercise that makes you sweat.

  6. So… In game purchases? I hate that, offer me ALL pinball machines in ONE purchase. I don’t buy a game to get a little bit then have to purchase more later. Sick of in game purchases. I’d accept it if it was the games money system where I have to play and get points then purchase that way, BUT not actual money. Screw that


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