Valve Index Full Kit Definitive Review | Is this VR Headset for You and is it worth $1000?


Here is the full review for the Valve Index VR Headset and whole kit. Is it for you?

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45 thoughts on “Valve Index Full Kit Definitive Review | Is this VR Headset for You and is it worth $1000?”

  1. Htc has always been the rich (don't actually have to be rich but you are paying for it) man's vr. Need a lot to get it working but get the best experience out of it, for example full body. That's how I always thought of htc products, and this review shows me I'm not wrong.

  2. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to protect the valve index from scratches if you have to wear glasses with them. Because am looking to buy one but am scared am gonna scratch the lenses like my psvr headset and rift

  3. You think a normal 1080 graphics card is good cause I did the thing on steam to check if I can run it everything had green checks expect for my 1060 graphics card with 3 gigs

  4. I disagree with you. Putting the Samsung VR lenses in my vive pro has made the picture very clear way better then the index. Yes the index is a nice system but it’s not worth the money compared to the vive pro that is why I returned the index.

  5. Me when my pc's specs are better then the recomended ones: ey nice
    Me when I realise I dont have the money for it especially now because its 2,4 K: sad

    lik if u cri evry tim..

  6. Not getting it, i need a VR Headset that i can use as a secondary headset, my current main headset in Oculus Quest, i am going back to watching HTC Vive Cosmos videos

  7. Having an Oculus CV1 as an early adopter, I'm not going to invest in another headset until there's a solid one that's wireless out of the box with swap-able batteries (each lasting ~2 hours).

  8. I have a GTX 980ti and thinking about this headset. I don’t mind running at 80-90 hz for some of the more demanding games. I7 6700k. I think I’ll be okay and if worse case, I’ll upgrade my GPU. Thank you for the review.

  9. Anyone know a good vr headset to start for someone with an IPD of 59? I was going to get the rift s until I heard that it is recommended with an ipd of 61.5 to 65.5 and has no adjustment.


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