In this video I go over the setup and a review of the VR-TEK WVR3 headset from Direkt-tek. I also show a bit of game play and what its like to look thought the lenses of the VR headset itself. For the money I think you will enjoy this headset too.

Note – (NOT RECOMMEND TO UPDATE FIRMWARE AT THIS TIME FOR THE HEADSET ITSELF DUE TO POSSIBLE BRICKING) some people are having this issue I have contacted direkt-tek about it.

Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

You can purchase the VR-Tek WVR3 headset from walmart.com from the link below. .

Direkt – Tek Website


Direkt – tek drivers/software – https://bit.ly/2XvRM5q

03:08 Driver installation
03:52 Holoview driver update
05:41 SteamVR room setup
07:38 Turning off SteamVR home beta – (For lag issues regarding steamvr home)
10:04 Luckey’s Tale Gameplay
12:58 A look thought Headset lenses
13:58 Conclusion and final thoughts

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40 thoughts on “VR – TEK WVR3 | HEADSET REVIEW & SETUP!”

  1. Which one is better? VR TEK WVR3 or Oculus GO for pc vr
    How is the latency in VR TEK WVR3? in some reviews said that it has little bit latency when you look around and also the fish eye effect on the lens
    Otherhand, Oculus GO needs wireless streaming from pc and of course since its wireless theres latency depends on wireless frequency
    But VR TEK WVR3 uses cable so i thought it has better latency right?
    What's your opinion? should i buy Oculus GO? i'll use the vr for watching videos and gaming maybe

  2. I was about to toss this but I've found that the best purpose for this is not to play actual VR games but to use this with a VR injector like vorpx. Playing the Outer Worlds and it's pretty cool. Looking to try Fallout 4 and see if it works with the DLC since Fallout VR didn't.

  3. I just got the WVR1 a few days ago on Ebay for $14 and I love it. It really is a great deal. I was able to get room scale with both my Kinect and my Nolo VR. However the Nolo VR doesn't want to line up my hand controllers in front of my view. I was able to kinda sorta get them in front of me by adjusting the angle in driver4VR but they were still off center. The Kinect seemed to track my body way better but my hands, not so well. I'm gonna experiment with led trackers, see if that helps. But in any case, while these headsets get a bad rep, they're actually decent to have. If anyone develops 3rd party tracking and controls that are compatible with any HMD's, these VR-Tek head sets could sell a whole lot quicker.

  4. Well done! As I have hard budget limitations, I would love to have this HMD as a means of experimenting with VR. Sadly I live in Europe and ebay sellers I have found do not sent it to where I live. 🙁

  5. Wanted to give you an Update. I'm currently creating a VR battle-racing game (Battle Racer VR) for my local VR arcade (Beyond Reality). I got this headset for development based on your review. It works perfectly for development, and has helped out a lot! So again, thank you, and I appreciate your time.

  6. Thanks for the review! I’m sure lots of ‘VR Purests ‘ wouldn’t be caught dead reviewing a low cost item such as this but you have performed a real service reviewing this for us curious / would be VR enthusiasts.
    Can you please tell me what ‘Spec’s’ my computer needs to operate a system such as this?
    I have a fairly new machine with 8 gig ram and a core 5 processor (3gig). If I get a new video card it will have to be a ‘Low Profile’ type of card so I don’t know if this alone ( By reveling the compact characteristics of my machine) wi mean that I’ll need to get a different machine.
    Thank you in advance for your help!
    If you were to make a video showing in detail how to add the Motion Sensors you spoke of I’m sure you would get a Lot of views on that!

  7. So when I start up steam vr it gives me error 422
    When I go to room setup standing I can't click next cause nothing else happens. It says my headset is tracking but that's it. I've updated everything but still nothing. I also cant put it on my GPU cause my monitor won't turn on if I use the Mobo port. So I can't connect it to my GPU. Halp

  8. Too bad I can't get one shipped to Europe. This headset seems to be the perfect HMD for VR beginners. I mean it is a perfect opportunity to see if VR is right for me or not. Also, I heard that through firmware update the headset is now 90Hz.
    The ideal beginner's headset for me personally and I can't get one because I don't live in the US.

  9. Hey I've been trying for hours to get my headset to work… But I couldn't get it to work. So It kept saying update failed for the holoview software. Also I tried still opening steam vr and it couldn't detect my headset. . . Please help!!!

  10. Thanks for the great video, I need help I finally got my PC up to specs for minimum Steam VR, Ryzen 1700 CPU, 16gb of RAM and just put in a RX480 8 GB graphics card so I should be good to go, I've been playing around with some of the apps that let you use your pc to stream VR to your smartphone like Trinus does but with Steam VR, the only thing is I've yet to get one to work and that damn Put on your headset to wake VR message is always there and of course putting on the headset doesn't work, I just recently bought a VR Tek WVR3 3DOF headset that as you know is supposed to work with Steam VR, the HMD works as I can see my desktop but when I start Steam VR, nothing happens I enable direct display mode in developer setting, I can see where it Reprojection is on and there is some data showing but than it seems to stop, and of course there is the Put on your headset to wake VR, I'm glad I haven't invested in a WMR or Vive at this point probably would be getting the same message with no results, here's what I've tried so far, 1. Upgraded to latest Radeon Adrenaline graphics drivers, reinstalled steam VR, haven't tried to reinstall the headset driver yet going to try that next. I've got the windows 10 display set to 1 display so far the only time I've seen anything in the Headset is when it was set to extended display and my other monitor was not plugged in, it seems like the headset is only being seen as a monitor and not a VR headset although Steam VR does recognize it. I hope someone can help me figure this out. Thanks for any help. One thing that I should mention I have my monitor connected by the DP Port, does it have to be also plugged into HDM just like the headset does, if so does that mean that I need to plug the other end of the HDMI cable from the monitor to a Data Port adapter for HDMI? Not too many graphics cards have more than 1 HDMI port on them, is that what's required? I tried to find the info but haven't been able to. Thanks

  11. Thanks for the review, you've convinced me to buy one.I watched a review from a VR dedicated channel that said to avoid this headset but I felt that he was coming from the point of view of someone who has experienced the best of what VR has to offer and was being a little bit biased against this. I've never used VR and was thinking about the kind of games I would put more than ten minutes into and realised that I would be sitting down to play most of them so this seems like an ideal entry point into VR for me.

  12. Hey I got the highest headset, the headset is great but u gotta find sum motion controllers, I have wired taser hydra motion controllers, I got videos of me playing Pavlov VR, and BloodTrail VR, jus gotta edit and post it cause a lot of people are thinking that it’s bad cause of what people reviews are saying but I feel that it’s a good headset for starter VR users


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