9D Virtual Reality Cinema Review of Egg 9D VR Cinema Simulator


Global Best-selling 9D VR Cinema
VR Chair: 9D Virtual Reality Cinema Product reviews of 9D VR cinema, 9D Virtual Reality simulator for Sale with Best Price!

The first choice of your VR Business!
Maybe you’ve seen a lot of amazing VR videos, but actually, many of them are done in the labor at astronomical prices.
This is a machine that can really help you to run the VR business, that a lot of common people can enjoy the VR Fun!

Most powerful realism sense from the auditory, visual, and tactile, as exposure to the movies, through environmental simulation of wind, air jet, leg touch, back poke, and vibration environmental effects. The experience feels real, is very immersive and fun.

Full motion Dynamic Seat & Rich Environmental Effects:
Hi-Fi Stereo Sound
360° Movement / Air jet / Leg Sweep
Back Poke / Shooting / Vibration

How to make the VR into the commercial model?
Which people can spend a little money then can enjoy the new high-tech experience of VR
The operators can work and run the business easily?
now it’s successful and Owatch commercial solution is available

[ No Assembling & Installation At All ] [ Wireless PAD Game Control ] [ Approximate 3 Minutes Experience Time ]

[ Instant Consumption Statistic System] [ Content Show with TV Synchronously ] [ Customized logo and color is acceptable ]

view details: https://www.stekiamusement.com/vr-chair-9d-virtual-reality-simulator/

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  1. the build of the chairs is good, the software used not so much? How can hack with HTC Vive and better software while allowing the chair movement to sync with new games? Is that possible?


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