Custom VR Glasses for Oculus Rift!! Product Review


These custom VR glasses combine VR labs lenses with a 3D printed frame. This combo works great in the Oculus Rift and I would totally recommend it for those that wear glasses in the Rift.

You can find VR labs lenses here –

You can find the 3D printed frame here –

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41 thoughts on “Custom VR Glasses for Oculus Rift!! Product Review”

  1. i just got mine in the mail today and i thought i would give my thoughts:
    short answer, not worth it, you could tell that they were TRYING to make a good set of vr lenses but they just couldnt do it. my main issue with it is that the lenses distort your vision to the point where it feels like youre looking through a magnifying glass, i know this dosent seem like much but it REALLY ruins the emersion, it dosent feel like im actually there when im using these things it just ruins it completley. the insertion process was a little difficult and they did improve my view in vr but the costs dont outweigh the benefits.
    if youre looking for a good pair of vr lenses i dont have any specific website for you but i do reccomend doing some research first and spending a bit of time looking at customer feedback

  2. I sent for the lenses
    Order number: 13020
    Date: December 19, 2019
    Total: $77.00
    Payment method: PayPal
    I noticed my lenses were completed but i never got a tracking number and I cant contact them? How long dos it take to get the lenses and where do they come from they dont say? its 1/3/2020 now

  3. I ordered a set from vr optician out of Germany. They fit absolutely perfect. Snaps right in place, and dont come off. 79 bucks usd. Best money I've spent.

  4. I might be mistaken but looks like lens are placed curwed outwards towards users eye, which is probably to prevent rift lens and prescription ones touching in the middle and scratching each other, but Ive tried that with several glasses lenses and it adds distortion since its wasnt meant to be used inverse, especially on the edge of your view – things seem much further than they are.

  5. I usually wear my contacts, do these lenses cause any distortion or artifacts. I have a pretty high prescription for my glasses so i'm wondering if that would cause any issues

  6. Just saw this and ordered I had my lens set aside as they keep falling out one time jamming my eye has I took off headset thanks for this. I sent seller a message I saw it here

  7. I appreciate your information very-very much. Thank You!
    I have come up with an alternative I wanted to share. It is incredibly simple. I was at Walmart optical yesterday and I couldn't find any frames with a meaningfully smaller size for use with my Rift when suddenly a thought occurred to me. I stepped about 12 feet down the wall and began looking at KIDS FRAMES and WOW. It was like they all were an inch smaller temple to temple. I spoke to someone in the optical department asking them if they could sell me these frames and they said SURE and informed me they would fit them to me just fine. I'm finally going to have comfortable glasses for my Rift and I can even buy them right across the counter. I have to wait until next Saturday to order them but really believe they will fix me up great.
    A correction Nov 10, 18: I just ordered my new Rift glasses. They are single vision glass lens in kid's frames and are a little more than a 1/2" smaller from temple to temple, not a whole inch. I'm sorry for the inaccuracy but they do 'look' even smaller. I'll put in an update when they arrive and I can try them in my rift.
     Thanks again, Rich

  8. Nick Pateman
    1 second ago
    Just in case anyone else was wondering about import duty on the lenses, I ordered some, took almost a month, and that's because HMRC got their hands on them and decided to charge me another £12 on top, reasons unknown, HMRC doesn't need to give a reason, they operate above the law. So they cost me £77~ so far, and still no guarantee they will turn up okay.

  9. Hey Mike, have you ever tried WidmoVR lenses? If so not sure if you have a review video you can link or if you've ever thought of making one. I'm considering purchasing them and just wondered what your thoughts were. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  10. I didnt get the frame when i ordered these so now i cant really put them in. Is this commen? should i have ordered the frame from elsewhere? i cant find it anywhere on the website

  11. Hi! I'm looking on VR Labs site now for these lens and it looks like they have updated the frame to go with them. It looks like a regular frame but with a headband to keep them secure. Do you have any experience with the new type?….edit…sorry you talked about that in your video so ignore my question 🙂

  12. Now that some time has passed I’m assuming you’ve played quite a few more games with those lenses. Has the picture quality suffered at all? Light has to pass threw another lens so I figured it would distort the image. Please let me know. Trying to decide on these or contacts

  13. I have a solution for glasses wears ……
    1. You take cheap pair of "wire framed glasses", that are rated to the same "octrine" value as your normal glasses you wear when in VR.
    2. Pop out the lenses.
    3. Change over the lenses, (Left lens into the right frame, and right lens into the left frame).
    4. Bend and adjust the lens holder frame so that the lenses still pop in without over tension or distortion. This will mean that the convex part of the lenses now point towards your eyes, ( concave side of the lenses point towards the Oculus lenses). This creates more space between the glasses and Oculus lenses (4 – 6 millimeters). Now, the two lens surfaces won't touch and cause scratches.
    5. Cut off the glasses side arms that fit to your ears, and replace with an elastic strap. This should not be tight fitting ! This will allow the glasses to fit into the Rift more easily, and feel much more comfortable on your face. It will also bring the glasses nearer to your face.
    6. You can adjust with a small distance piece attached to the "nose bridge" for fine adjustment if you find that your eye lashes are touching the convex part of the lenses.
    7. JOB DONE. It works 100%. You will also notice a further two advantages. (A) Your FOV will be slightly improved because you are now able to get further into the rift. (B) Because of the way the Oculus and glasses lenses now blend together, it will be much easier to find the "Sweet Spot".
    This is an interesting project, cheap, and well worth the effort to greatly improve the "immersion factor". I have written these instructions using some detail. However, it shouldn't take more than a few hours to complete if done correctly.

  14. Been using my VR Lens Lab lenses for 2-3 weeks now and find them better than even wearing my contacts with the HMD. My biggest issue with the lenses were fiddling with popping them in and adjusting them back and forth to get them just right, etc. Presents a problem when I want to let my daughter play because I have to go through the process all over again. I've already ordered these frames and should be here in like a week, I'm hoping they are easy to pop in and out so I can let her play more easily.

  15. Thanks for the info man. I have the lenses but find they need almost constant cleaning. I guess I sweat more than most. I started to search for safe anti fog stuff to apply to them when I came across your video. I will order some of these frames but don't understand how to find out my IPD in the Rift. Am I missing something obvious?

  16. Had mine for about a month now and they haven't budged a single millimeter. Anyone that has bought the vr lenses has to get this product. It really is 100% better than the vr lens lab frames.

  17. Hey Mike, Great channel btw and I'm sure as time goes on you'll get more subs as your vids are very professional looking. Could you do a Do & Don't guide for cleaning the CV1 lenses please for people who don't wear glasses in the rift. Thanks and keep up the amazing work. x

  18. Do you get any barrel distortion? About to order mine, I need lens thinning also going for the RABs premium lens. Wondering if that will minimise the barrel distortion?


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