Gear VR Under the Sea with TheBluVR (Free) | Experience Review


Are you ready… to go somewhere you’ve never been… and most likely will NEVER go in real life… Virtual Reality will take you there!
We’re going under the sea to watch some beautiful wildlife swim right past us! Its a great experience, and free! (thank you developers). ENJOY!

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3 thoughts on “Gear VR Under the Sea with TheBluVR (Free) | Experience Review”

  1. Hey Spencer, recently I got a Samsung Gear VR unit myself and I'm trying to capture a video from the device, just as you did right herel. I've googled how to do that and tried multiple ways but nothing seems to work :/ I've got S6 Edge and S7 – and I'm desperate for your help 🙂 Can you please tell me how did you manage to record VR's interface? I would be soooo grateful 🙂


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