EVE Gunjack Review – Proof That VR Works


EVE Gunjack is a VR game designed for the Samsung Gear VR headset. While that may sound extremely niche and specific, it also has the potential to surprise you. Click here to subscribe for more gaming reviews: http://bit.ly/1sr8VqL.

Much like other VR experiences you’ve probably heard about, EVE Gunjack takes you into a space where 3D is real. This means if you look behind you in real-life, you’ll see what’s behind you in-game. It’s incredibly novel but oddly captivating at the same time. As we’ve learned from EVE Gunjack, the same is true even where the mobile idea of VR is concerned too.

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29 thoughts on “EVE Gunjack Review – Proof That VR Works”

  1. Is this game actually worth the extraordinary £7.99 price tag? That seems an awful lot for a game that, while pretty doesn't appear to have much depth, nor a long replay value. It looks like something one would bore of very quickly.

  2. absolutely amazing. dirt cheap and ansolutely amazing. it actually scared my 8 year old. when you first fly through the space station. that is so fucking cool. makes me really look forward to the future of gaming. i imagine zombies on this 5 years from now holding a gun type controler.

  3. the Gear VR is a huge breakthrough in VR. I'm blown away on how awesome it is. I am watching movies on my phone using the Gear VR and I feel like I am sitting inside a giant imax theatre and I talk to random people around the world on it. Apple has nothing on this amazing device. They may get a VR in 2 more years.apple….always late to the game now lol

  4. I don't think the Samsung Gear VR will succeed that well in gaming. I'd imagine it's good for a more "casual" audience for use in things like watching a sports game or things like that.


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