VR Box 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses review Google Cardboard for 4.7" – 6" Smart Phone cheap ebay


updated review 2016 https://youtu.be/_XPZZ7dWOkU

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VR Box 3D review Virtual Reality VR Glasses Google Cardboard for 4.7″ – 6″ Smart Phone cheap ebay. going through all features and showing how to use. 3d cinema

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31 thoughts on “VR Box 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses review Google Cardboard for 4.7" – 6" Smart Phone cheap ebay”

  1. How do these VR goggles work without split screen? can you view your display as it is normally to say, view a web page or document? if not, are there apps to split your screen or other solutions to use these simply as 2d head mounted displays?

  2. I got a model that looks just the same from Boyes (northern firm you may have heard of as you sound pretty northern!) It DOES have the magnet clicker on the side, but it doesn't seem to do anything with some apps. In fact, most apps I've tried it with. But I like the idea of the Bluetooth device. Will look into it!


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