VR Reviews: SH Figuarts- Trunks & SDCC Exclusive Goku Review


17 thoughts on “VR Reviews: SH Figuarts- Trunks & SDCC Exclusive Goku Review”

  1. errrmagerrd, I want Trunks so badly!!! I want him the most, but he's so expensive 🙁 They've already done several reissues for Piccolo and Goku (another one coming this summer for both), they should reissue Trunks.

  2. Very informative review as always! I would also like to get myself an SDCC goku as I have no interest in the bland old yellow SS version, but there's nooo way I'm paying north of $200 for one. Just managed to find myself an SDCC gohan for $71 today, bought it right away. You're definitively right with these things. Gotta grab them before the price skyrockets.

  3. Thanks.

    Yeah, I was lucky to get mine when he was still being sold for $50, I wouldn't be able to afford him now XD

    As long as I can grab one before the price skyrockets. I desperately need Piccolo, he's one of my favorite characters.


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