Marvel's Iron Man VR – Easy Allies Review


*Review Copy Provided by PlayStation.* PSVR now lets you don Tony Stark’s exclusive arsenal and pick off drones and famous Marvel villains with your own hands. Is there enough here to call this another successful collaboration between Marvel and Sony, or is Iron Man’s ego out of control as usual?

Video Written and Edited by Brandon Jones
Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro
Available on PlayStation 4

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32 thoughts on “Marvel's Iron Man VR – Easy Allies Review”

  1. Guys; why does including Fury and Pepper have anything to do with the MCU ? they've been Iron Man main staples long before that… Fury does not even look like Sam L J.
    Uncluding Friday instead of Jarvis; now that is an MCU (poop) nodd :p

  2. People who don’t have a VR I strongly recommend it at night I put on the headset cuz that’s when it’s best with headphones and it’s like you go into a different world an get so sucked into the game like you are iron man it’s amazing

  3. great review, and I love that you guys do VR reviews like this. After using VR, I absolutely see now why it has a future in gaming, for games like this. Flying is far superior in VR.

  4. I know it's not reasonable since Sony funded this, but I really wish it was made for other VR platforms. PSVR's tracking is just too archaic imo, even though Astro Bot is fantastic.

  5. Something just seems really off about this game. I know all VR games look weird when you aren't playing, but this just looks like it would be strange even if you were playing it

  6. I feel like what he said in this review and seeing the gameplay that the reviewer missed out on one of the best aspects. You can strafe enemies with one palm thruster while firing with the other. That's one of the biggest parts of the gameplay loop, and most fun.

  7. 3:54 I feel like it was a good decision to play it safe with the graphics in a VR game like this, so the game doesn't chug or dip frames. The last thing the devs want to hear is that players "don't feel so good" playing their product.

  8. I love how reviews from the Allies are always clear. If you've watched to the end you can usually accurately guess what score they'll give based on the contents of the review itself

  9. I think Brandon just says "review copy provided by Playstation" because he loves it. Like no other channel to my knowledge does that since Sony asked for it, they all gave up on it, but Brandon will say it TWICE. great review btw ^^


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