GrowRilla VR Review & Steam Key GIVEAWAY!


GrowRilla VR 1.0 is OFFICIALLY RELEASED and the VR Your Friends crew is here to review it! We want you all to experience this amazing game for yourself, so we’re giving away TWO free copies of the game! Leave a comment below to be entered to win a copy of GrowRilla. Winners will be randomly selected and announced next Friday, the 17th.

* Growrilla requires one of the following: HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Valve Index or Oculus Rift (Quest works with link cable to connect with PC)

Growrilla Steam Page:

GrowRilla is a single player VR game where you must eat everything in your path to grow large enough to face your evil makers in this hilarious, destructive sandbox game!

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35 thoughts on “GrowRilla VR Review & Steam Key GIVEAWAY!”

  1. My husband and I already have a vive and are getting our index shipped by the 14th! Would love to try this out!! Great video, we had a bunch of laughs watching "they were sunbathing…. When they should have been sun….dying…." 😂

  2. I do not say no to a chance for a free key, sure.

    Also thanks for making a no-bs giveaway. Kinda tired of the ones requiring use of the 5 social media accounts you don't even have for a chance.


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