Iron Man VR SPOILERCAST With Ryan Payton!


Ryan Payton joins us to talk about spoilers, easter eggs & the notorious load times.

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2 thoughts on “Iron Man VR SPOILERCAST With Ryan Payton!”

  1. Firstoff, I want to say I love the game. I agree with most reviewers that it's a solid 8 out of 10. After having said that, I hope it gets the living laser stuff separated as I think it will help with the flow of the game and the "sameiness". Also the load times are kinda rough. I could kinda deal with the ones that had the lore and water like stuff around you, but the ones when you are in complete darkness got to go. Overall, after listening to this spoiler cast I now feel I better understand the decisions that were made and it all mostly makes sense. I still don't get however the thought process behind the node based teleportation in the stark mansion. I mean it can't be for fear of motion sickness right?

  2. I played on hard. And I really applaud them for the flight controls. And to be honest, the load times aren't a big deal to me personally because I like to get a drink of water before, bathroom break etc. But, the biggest downfall for me is the repetitive enemy types, the drones really wore we down. Still worth the $40 because of the content and controls.


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