Layers of Fear VR Quest vs Rift vs Daydream Graphics Comparison


Layers of Fear VR is out on Quest, but how does it stack up to other Quest versions? Find out in our video comparison and get more details here –

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5 thoughts on “Layers of Fear VR Quest vs Rift vs Daydream Graphics Comparison”

  1. Sorry but…what kind of pc is that?…graphics at ultra si not even close to what you showed in this video…the downgrade in Quest is almost embarrassing anyway, no dynamic lights, no reflection, no particles, flat and super low res textures, few polygons and poor models…

  2. They aren't that much different just each have a different appeal different ways to it. The Daydream version looked very good from the video but you can't see the SDE from the video. The Quest did have darker blacks because of the OLED displays. To be honest that makes one of the best features to have. The PC version can have some added stuff but it doesn't change the game to make it better. If they ever had a better headset for Daydream that still might even be a great way to play also for a game that you click and open doors and click to examine things. It's good to see the difference though so good job with this video.


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