Iron Man VR Review – Strap in and Save the Day


As the life cycle of the Playstation 4 begins to wind down, PSVR owners have been left wondering what the next step for their beloved headset will be. For now, the future remains uncertain, but what’s clear is that Sony isn’t yet done with this generation of virtual reality gaming. Their swan song of sorts has only just begun, and Iron Man VR is a message of reassurance that the years ahead are looking bright. While developer Camouflaj’s take on the life of Tony Stark isn’t the advancement in VR that, say, Half-Life: Alyx was, the fact of the matter is donning the Iron Man suit and taking to the skies is just flat-out cool. If you have the hardware, there’s no reason for you to miss Iron Man VR.

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4 thoughts on “Iron Man VR Review – Strap in and Save the Day”

  1. It was a solid 8/10 for me. What stuck was the flight controls, they made something just basic really amazing. Nothing like that ever in a game. It would have been a 9/10 with better loading times. I didn't mind the story, it was just average.


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