L.O.L. Surprise! Boys Arcade Heroes Unboxing & Review V.R. Dude & Cyber LOL Surprise Dolls


Hi friends, yay the new lol surprise arcade heroes arrived from Amazon these are $16.99 I believe they are still available to order online I’m not sure what you have to search I suggest trying lol surprise or mga entertainment and then filter to newest arrivals. Amazon allows you to purchase 3 max. I only bought 1. So these the packaging will show who you are getting which I honestly love cause I hate getting duplicates 😂. Only 6 to collect: infinity queen aka starling is the girl, gear guy aka titanium goes to Can Do Baby, Cool Cat aka claws goes to baby Cat, Fan boy aka atomic goes to Fanime, and Bhaddie bro aka chaos goes to Bhaddie. I think the box is fun and the coin is a cute idea I just wish they had made these do something battery operated would have been cool especially considering the high price tag. Also you have to use vr dude in order to build cyber so that a bummer cause I wish you could photograph the 2 together. The collector card is cute too. #CollectLOL Thanks for watching. Remember to be kind. Stay safe & healthy. Please like, subscribe and hit the notification bell and share with friends who love lol surprise, toy reviews and dolls. We give genuine honest reviews that are filmed in real life (no editing).


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