Is THIS really the best VR headset?! My StarVR One review


The StarVR One is a high-end VR headset for the business sector. It is therefore in the highest price segment with a cost of € 2,800 excluding taxes. The package only includes the headset. Controllers and tracking stations must be purchased separately. The headset needs a powerful PC to reach the full potential.

Here you will find the headset in the internet:

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31 thoughts on “Is THIS really the best VR headset?! My StarVR One review”

  1. I am so jealous of you you have so many headsets and i cant even get a quest without some jerk trying to price gouge me for used headsets a $100 more just for 64gig! Unbelievable I HATE PEOPLE ANYMORE YOU ALL SUCK!! I built 28 awesome worlds in Altspace all using the oculus Go and all free to users in 2 years and this is the thanks i get ..and my worlds are awesome!!

  2. Hi. I'm looking to buy a Valve Index right now but should I wait? Is a newer version coming out soon or do you recommend something better? I own an Oculus Rift S and a Quest already. Thanks

  3. To be honest..over headset , not for gaming, Sde worse than Index..That's a big Nooo for me..why would you even bother..I will wait for the consumer version to come out.. better

  4. Thanks for your Review! Hope the X arrives soon at your door, cant wait to see how you like/dislike it! Sad we dont have 4K RGB 120Hz Panels in those HMDs as of now.

  5. So Basically, I’d be better off buying a RTX3080Ti and a Pimax8KX compared to buying this HMD… Cool, Thank you for the Very Detailed Review. You’re Awesome! 😉👌🤓👍🤩🤟

  6. Could someone clear this up for me … can you not use Steam Index or HTC controllers with any headset so long as you have the 2 lighthouses and 2 Steam/HTC vive USB dongles to pair the controllers to your PC … if I understand this correctly the Headset itself is not contributing to the tracking of the controllers Right? … the only thing the headset is doing is paring the controllers to the PC which you can replace with a set of Vive or Flashed USB Steam controller dongles … Right …???

  7. Nice review VoodooDE! Have you tried adding the line "maxRecommendedResolution" : 16384, to C:Program FilesSteamconfigsteamvr.settings file? It greatly improved resolution and reduced blurriness for me. My index controllers look clear in the headset. I'm surprised you mentioned a blurring effect when you move your head fast. I haven't noticed that at all on my StarVR. The screendoor effect seems pretty minimal to me on the StarVR. It's very fine grained and I had to look carefully to notice it. I'd say it's better than some other OLED headsets I've tried but the Index has less SDE. I also noticed your through the lens of the showdown demo seemed to have a bit of a red tinge. It didn't look as red to me. Same with Pavlov, it did not look as red.

  8. Fascinating 🙂 I just got my first VR headset a couple days ago (The Rift S). I've enjoyed it so far, but can see how much FoV and Resolution really need to be higher. I'm loving the experience but already looking forward to upgrading lol. I didn't know that the large FoV on this headset would cause incompatibility issues. I'd gladly pay the same price for a headset that is complete quality for consumers though.

  9. I think I made the right decision, choosing the Valve Index.
    A bit expensive and not the top in everything, but I'm positive is the best compromise for sale at the moment (April 2020).
    Even a better deal if you buy the complete package: sensors, pads with fingers tracking, best headphones / mic (icluded) and Half-Life Alyx.

  10. Great video!!! As you have many pimax can I ask, how bad do you find the distortion ( if you see any) ? I’m very interested in the final consumer 8kx with audio head strap etc ( whenever that may be)!


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