Marvel's Iron Man VR | PSVR Review


PlayStation VR’s newest exclusive is Marvel’s Iron Man VR. But is it any good?

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40 thoughts on “Marvel's Iron Man VR | PSVR Review”

  1. I needed move controllers so got the Iron Man VR bundle and the game itself works out roughly half price so I'm happy enough with it's flaws.

  2. I have the game. I can’t play because the move controllers don’t sync correctly to the game. Left hand is stuck to my left temple (yes, my head). My right arm is 6 feet long. Glad I waited 6 extra months for this… I’ve calibrated everything, moved the camera to below the tv (was above originally, but had the same problems). Any ideas before I dump this? Also, everything works fine in Skyrim VR, so I know my gear works.

  3. The performance in base PS4 is pretty awful in my opinion, but I'm having a good time with the game. I really like the story and how it is told and the gameplay is super fun. Can not wait for the new generation. All these issues should be gone by then.

  4. This game feels great, but the loading screens are painful. Some of the graphics also feel decidedly last generation – character and enemy models in particular, and quite flat lighting. Compare to something like London Heist where the models are amazing and deficiencies covered up by great lighting and it’s obvious. The sheer amount of stuff being flung around on screen in VR is great though, so there’s the trade off. What should be noted is that considering how fast you’re moving and the different orientations you find yourself in, you never feel motion sick. That for me is the sign of a really well designed VR game. It’s no Marvel’s Spider-Man, but it is, given the tech available, an excellent VR game. I wonder if it will get a PS5 patch to reduce loading and improve graphical fidelity?

  5. It’s awesome that we have a full body tho! I hate when they have just hands with no arms, but here we get the full body! So cool just looking at yourself with an iron man suit on!

  6. Welp ps4 is. . . uh 3 years old? I have a feeling they should've waited for ps5 lol. Maybe that one would reduce the loading screen times. Or you know. PC because. Just because.

  7. I really love your channel and have been watching your reviews for a while now but I cant help but feel like I am watching just another gameranx or ign review, I think to get your channel even bigger you should add a lot of your own editing style and put more personality into it, just a thought, I will still always watch your reviews though.

  8. Great review, thanks. It almost sounds like they should have waited for the power of PS5 before launching this game; I assume this would have helped to speed-up those load screens.

  9. Man I LOVE Iron Man VR so far. I'm ecstatic really, because, how much more could you expect as far as innovative gameplay action that takes advantage of VR as a medium?! It's absolutely excellent!

    Even in those VR-ish gimmicky moments where you interact with objects, there's still pressure because there's a time limit every time (like disarm a bomb, you have to get to the next one).

    I haven't beaten it yet, but so far the story and narrative are excellent as well as its overall inspiration. I just love it. They came up with an absolutely terrific gameplay system that takes advantage of the medium and control method and that's what hooks me on VR.

    It's hamstrung by the Unity engine. I know I can't shut up about it, but that's the truth of the issue here: the horrible framerate issues and load times show that people are out of their minds to make this kind of game with the Unity engine. It works for a ton of small-budget projects (Sairento, Superhot VR, Blasters of the Universe, etc.) but something like this? It's a total crack-smoking moment. Someone was out of his mind to think Unity was a good idea. Hopefully PS5 helps out the horrible technical issues.

  10. To be honest the way you sounded about having to interact with characters as they talk to you and the amount of loading screens tells me you're just naturally impatient. That would never bother me in a game and I loved Blood And Truth for everything that it brought to the table.

  11. Long frequent load screens are a bummer in vr especially when playing standing up but this game looks great, have it installed and cant wait to dig into this tonight after work.

  12. Omg the load screens. So boring. Black screens with floating dust particles. Wish you could skip cut scenes. But still it's not bad. I'm having fun but…a bunch of wasted opportunities for a great game.


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