Marvel's Iron Man VR Underground Review


Iron Man VR Review for PSVR, Playstation, Playstation VR, and Playstation 4.

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36 thoughts on “Marvel's Iron Man VR Underground Review”

  1. Excellent review PSVR Underground! Feel like Iron Man? CHECK Immersive story? CHECK I appreciate all of the shortcomings you mentioned so the developer can address them. And your ideas on other expansions can perhaps be considered for a DLC.

  2. Great review GC! I'm just not falling over myself being in love with this game from what I've seen so far (and I've taken some shit for it too haha). I need to try the demo eventually first, maybe it'll change my impression.

  3. While this is definitely a big one for PSVR I'm just throwing it onto the backlog of games yet again. Honestly haven't been able to rekindle the fire I had for VR. While I do enjoy the games still it's like a cloud looming over putting my headset on to another bout of loading screens and tracking woes. Am still hopeful for future games but do hate we never saw Redemptions Guild or another MMO style game where we could gear up and character build together.

  4. One of my compliments about the demo is one of my biggest complaints: It didn't make me sick… at all. I kinda wanted to be, though. I wanted to feel a little woozy boosting up and down through the air, like I was on a roller coaster, but I felt instead like I was riding around in a glass elevator.

  5. Isn't this dude part of PSVR without parole channel or whatever it's name ?? So it means this dude has to wait for the other 2 in order to post a game review ? ? or what lol


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