Iron Man VR Review: Another Awesome PSVR Exclusive (SPOILER-FREE)


It’s time to suit up, Iron Man VR is coming to PSVR, and it’s another awesome exclusive for Sony’s headset. Full written review here –

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10 thoughts on “Iron Man VR Review: Another Awesome PSVR Exclusive (SPOILER-FREE)”

  1. Lol, you think the Oculus Quest is better than PSVR? You've gotta be kidding. How can you be "that" confused about buttons on the best VR controllers on the market? Yeah the old PS3 controllers beat most still.. at least they have REAL force feedback, unlike all competitors that are lame at best… We'd think you guys would know what you're talking about by now…

  2. Sadly my copy from amazon doesn’t come in until Tuesday, but I’m so excited to get it. Loved the demo, even with the graphical flaws and boarder-line cringe cheesy lines. It was so fun with its combat and flying that I didn’t care.


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