Rec Room In 2020 | VR Review


If you haven’t played the free multiplayer game Rec Room or if it’s been a couple years since you last played – it’s time to come BACK!

Sean reviews the current state of Rec Room VR in 2020, including the newest batch of game content!

***Rec Room is FREE and available on all VR devices and PC for Non VR players***
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47 thoughts on “Rec Room In 2020 | VR Review”

  1. I have played for 2 years (July 4th 2018) I still play it today. I am 10 so I have to use a junior account 😐 it’s hard to get by not talking to people but it’s fine.R.I.P old rec center oh and I play on vr

  2. Awesome video. Sorry you had to see the low quality rooms on the feature list that get in the way of the good stuff. There are internal discussions and suggestions that are currently going on about moderating and managing these UGC rooms a lot more effectively. Overall the mod team and support and everyone who CAN help is trying to make a better experience without screaming kids shouting the n-word and we’re slowly getting there. Have a good day man, and again, awesome video 🙂

  3. A lotta people are saying the community has become toxic but honestly it is still really fun and I only run into someone complaining about me teleporting twice a week or so, I picked it back up after not playing for 2 years, (I played since 2017) and if you used to enjoy it you should definitely get back on it, it's great.

    And honestly the new paintball map is my least favorite but yeah

  4. I totally agree with you about the kids and stuff session playing for the beginning of 2018 and I see there are more false banns on people that are age then the amount that get juniored for being under age

  5. sorry you had bad experiences with the UGC. there are lots of high quality rooms but they tend to get buried under the low quality stuff all the time. check out "SCP-Blackout" whenever you get a chance!

  6. HOW DID YOU NOT COVER LASER TAG. It’s the most fun gamemode and it’s newer map, cyberjunk city is a neotokyo cyberpunk dystopia. I really can’t believe you missed that 🙁 it’s what i play the most in rec room

  7. Went on today, had a little welsh kid teaching me the controls and we climbed some massive tower thing with platform bits on. Then met a black physics teacher in the lobby, who managed to gain the attention of all the young uns, and any time one of them started being a little gobshite, the rest of the kids told them to stfu. It was actually really wholesome.

  8. Xd the ropes that u talked about on that stunt runner the thing is that if u can see you actually grab the purple wall u can see that u dont grab the rope

  9. super good review actually, editing and voice overs were top notch
    haven't been on in a while, have they done anything to make the character appearances better? last i remember the female clothes were horrible

  10. 0:54 oh, she's quite popular on rec room, and this is what I've expected, arrogance. Now most girls are a bit like that because they think to be cooler than anyone else, this is why i don't trust 80% of them anymore.

    I started playing the 1st January of 2018 btw

  11. rec room is amazing in the fact there are so many communities for example the sword community which is very complex with its styles and its sword mechanics and strategies i personally recommend it for people to get in to if you like a challenge or something competitive


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