VR Cover face pad Vs Kiwi Design Faceplate for Oculus Quest. Quest facial interface mod review.


In this video I review and compare the Kiwi Design replacement faceplate to the VR Cover replacement faceplate over 4 categories:

– Look
– Quality
– How well they work
– Value for money

You can find the website to purchase the Kiwi Design facial interface here: https://www.kiwidesign.shop/products/q2-kiwi-design-vr-facial-interface-bracket-pu-leather-foam-face-cover-pad-for-oculus-quest

The website to purchase the VR Cover facial interace is here: https://vrcover.com/product/oculus-quest-foam-and-interface-basic-set/


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16 thoughts on “VR Cover face pad Vs Kiwi Design Faceplate for Oculus Quest. Quest facial interface mod review.”

  1. Man I wish I saw this before I bought the Kiwi. I don’t dislike it but it is lacking on the comfort side but the air vents are a plus since I have the vr chill fans on top

  2. Thanks for the review. I've really been impressed with KIWI's products, so was eager to see your thoughts. I'm actually giving some KIWI gear away on my channel. Also, those nose pieces that prevent light bleed are great. They are an underrated accessory in my opinion.

  3. I think the amvr one is the best because it's made of soft foam material, if I had a VR cover pad to attach to it it's be heaven, but for all around comfort amvr is pretty damn comfy and I have no complaints


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