L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files | PSVR Review


With a great story and stunning city to drive around in, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files delivers a glimpse into what AAA developers can do with the right resources.

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46 thoughts on “L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files | PSVR Review”

  1. I still get motion sickness 🙁 I have yet to make it to the house in Resident evil in first person because I almost throw up during the Opening scene In the Bush. Its such low resolution. Does having PS4 PRO make a difference to this?

  2. I picked it up at launch and it was probably my favorite PSVR game of 2019 despite some of the flaws mentioned in this review. I felt more immersed than in most other VR games. Driving around last century L.A. was also a ton of fun once you get used to the controls.

  3. You score is wayyyy too generous. For such lazy careless issues, I would give it no more than a 6. There was absolutely no way why they had to rush this game out with those problems and being a gimped 8 mission game? No thanks, sadly I'd tell anyone to give this a miss.

    Review is of a high standard though man. Proper quality.

  4. I wanted to like this game but I got really motion sick. I have no issues with Skyrim with no blinders but the walking speed in LA Noire suck. The review was pretty accurate. I'll have to try it again.

  5. you can also create your own fun. get in a car with just Phelps and mow down people, he says some hilarious lines, and some of the noises their bodies make, oof!

    Also running into people on foot, generally from behind, and they'll fall over! Great fun! I pretend I'm pushing them over with my hands.

    One more thing, you can explore several internal locations like the museum and the library, but it's pure tourism as there's nothing to actually do in any of them.

    I have the platinum for this game! My favourite VR title now!

  6. I agree with this review completely, although as a fan of virtual tourism, I spent hours just driving and walking around. its best to do that in the last case, as you start off alone without someone following you around.

    Did you know you can do the point and okay gestures like in the pc vr version? Was ages before I found out by accident.

  7. My personal biggest problems are the puzzles. I’m terrible at puzzles so when the game told me too looks at my partner for hints I was happy but he’s only ever says “look around the area” that isn’t useful. I’ve done that. I didn’t find anything

  8. 7.8 means "giving this thing a 7.5 would be a crime..but I'm too frustrated by the wasted potential to give it an 8. Damn, let me have some Top Ramen and mull it over!" Am I getting warm?

  9. Great review. I only “liked” the game, even though it has stunning visual effects. At one point, I walked for 30 minutes (real time) down one street, just to take-in the scenery – when I then opened the map and saw that I had only travelled a really small portion of the city, I was shocked. That said, I never played the final mission, because I simply got too bored with the game (of course, I later found-out that this was apparently THE best chapter, so I’ll have to return at some point).

  10. Just bought this on sale! Lovin it so far.. Much is made of its awkward controls, but I haven't felt that put out by them, really. Overall yea it's a win. Not ideal but it does enough right to forgive its clumsy aspects.

  11. Loved every single second. Of course there are some problems but still a very good experience(for me was better than Borderlands). Loved the driving and walking around. Hopefully we will get Gta.I wish for Gta4-first day buy even on full price.


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