Type S 360 VR Dash Cam full review | Costco 1080P HD 360 Virtual Reality


I picked this up from Costco a few months ago and I finally got around to installing it. Here’s my full review of the Type S 360 VR 1080P HD virtual reality dash cam. These have been available at Costco for a while now and I decided a thorough review was in order.

Please see the chapter marks below to skip:
Unboxing: 3:26
Cam Set Up: 6:00
App Set Up: 9:00
Video Samples: 16:23
Final Thoughts: 22:07

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21 thoughts on “Type S 360 VR Dash Cam full review | Costco 1080P HD 360 Virtual Reality”

  1. Thank you very much for your review! It saved me a lot of installation and testing time. I liked the sturdiness of the camera, but inability to recognize the license plate is a deal breaker for me. I just bought the camera today and will return it tomorrow.

  2. I already have front and rear hi quality cameras running 24/7.
    My wife got this for me for Father's day.
    For my personal security..
    ie; so no idiot says I pulled my gun out in a rant and I have proof with side views and myself all recorded.
    Serious crime which is impossible to prove without footage.
    Problem is trying to get the 3 view to show me and side views…?
    Only have 3 view forwards and sides.
    Any ideas how to configure this front primary view to be reversed?
    Anyone have any clues???

  3. Hi, would you know why I can’t view the feed using an iphone (8s). Manufacturer didnt specify any limitations on smart phone model so I wasn’t sure if my dashcam is deffective.

  4. Definitely needs 2-4K. Should be able to use any free hotspot/wifi signal or any that you're able to log onto in order to be set up as a cam on the free Alfred app or something similar. That way, when the thieves take the 360 camera, you will still have the footage that automatically uploads to the Alfred website. Until then, it's pretty useless if they break into your car and take the cam.

  5. You need on the 'Live View' when pairing with the phone
    for iphone: turn off cellular data for the Type S Drive app first before pairing

  6. Hi thanks for good view. I already bought one and then after seen ur view I don’t what should do ? Should return or keep. Could u recommend me the best cam please then I will buy it ?
    Thank u 😊

  7. Bought this today for $129.99 Costco in CA. Online sale as well with a sale of $-40. As I open the box, seems this one in particular might of been returned. After watching this review, I will be returning it. One; previous open box and two, no 4K.

  8. Today I bought the camera but I did not know that the night surveillance mode does not work if you have connected the usb cable to the cigarette outlet, you have to connect it on the fuse panel so that the camera has 24h power to do that it has to be a person who has experience and I don't have it. I think they forgot to say that detail that is very important

  9. why is it do you have to be close to the dash cam too get conection to you phone? I tried using the app to see live recordings but could not receive signal . only if I'm near the dash cam?

  10. Make sure to offer this review to the manufacturer. I don't see why they wouldn"t appreciate the feedback. Excellent review! I love your in car tech reviews like the daisata etc. Using them to make my own decision upcoming.


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