Incredible Oculus Quest All-in-One VR Headset – Setup / Gameplay


Incredible Oculus Quest Stand-Alone VR Headset – Setup / Gameplay
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So today I bring you my unboxing, setup and gameplay of the Oculus Quest. This is an All in One, stand-alone VR Headset, there are no wires, you can play immersive VR games, watch movies and videos and lots more.

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39 thoughts on “Incredible Oculus Quest All-in-One VR Headset – Setup / Gameplay”

  1. How is this comfort wise? My psvr is pretty tight around the nose. How do you purchase games for this? Can you connect to steam to buy games for this without the use of a computer? From what I'm seeing it looks like the headset sensors connect to the controller sensors, does this mean you can move around freely anywhere in the room? Sorry for all the questions.

  2. Question for all the Quest owners… would you go back to playing non-VR games and watching non-VR tv/movies on a tv after doing so on the Quest?

  3. Great review. Were those games you played in the video, demos that come with the Quest or did you have to buy those games. I put the Quest on my Christmas list so hopefully my wife will get me one.

  4. So does it only work with cell phones or android devices?? Do you have the FOV of it? Are you able to use Steam or other VR games you have already or even transfer games to it other than buying from the app?

  5. Seeems very pricey But very cool headset. Wonder how it like watching an TV show or something. Btw great video MANN been following you for a while. you have inspired me to make my own review channel so please check it out ,hit the sub button ,any feedback and comments are appreciated. CHEERS


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