Oculus Rift S Review – The Best VR Headset In 2020?


The Oculus Rift S has been out for a little while now and I finally went out and bought one! Join me as I go a little more in depth with it and figure out, Is this the VR headset to buy going into 2020? Oculus Rift S Virtual Reality Headset Review. I hope you enjoy!

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42 thoughts on “Oculus Rift S Review – The Best VR Headset In 2020?”

  1. Yes I’m glad I saw this your showing stuff bigger channels don’t show I have psvr I imagine this is way better, and bigger channels say it’s not that good because they have more expensive headsets

  2. really nice review, this was very helpful! the video, commentary feels a little slow, i feel like you were talking a bit too slow. moving on, or getting things said quicker is the only critisism i could ever give you, nice!

  3. I've seen people having issues with the rift s like the screen glitching or the tracking just not working have u experienced any of these or any other immersion breaking problems?

  4. my bday comes in a few months and i actually want this vr headset because i liked vr since i was like idk 11 or 12 like thats when i discovered it in its truly form i am buying it for VrChat but also there are a lot of other nice free games you can experience as i saw. Ty for this review bc now i am 100% sure that i want this.
    edit: grammar…

  5. I’ve owned a PSVR for just over a year now and was happy with it, however I started getting annoyed with the one way tracking and lack of free movement so I plan to upgrade to the rift s soon!

  6. I liked the review, but to be honest I find it a bit misleading to have "best VR headset in 2020?" in the title when you've only tried PS VR (PS VR released in 2016)

    anyways, keep up the good work 🙂

  7. The background music is great in my opinion. The review was great! You should make more stuff like this! Im considering subscribing since you did such a great job in making a review. I also own a PSVR and im thinking of getting the oculus rift S, when i get enough money of course. Im gonna get it around august pretty sure. Thanks! Such a small youtuber deserves more views 😉

    Do you think my system will be capable of using this?
    My system is:
    Intel core i5 9400f (One of the most used gaming proccesors)
    1660 ti super graphics card
    16 gigabyte ram
    (I got all the other stuff needed)

  8. I just ordered this for 549 cdn..i only want to use it for il2 sturmovik god i hope it works. I only want to turn my head and look out of the plane.great vid thumbs up..thrustmaster hotas complete set up

  9. Great review, I’ll probably pick one up!

    I saw in the comments you were looking for feedback so here is some constructive criticism

    The ring light + glasses combo isn’t great because of the reflection, had this problem myself so I used contact lenses. Also the music could be a bit better.

    Overall great quality and informative!

  10. I was checking out your channel and I love the vids. You have big potential and great content! One thing I would suggest is giving the channel a makeover/graphic overall. If definatley seen worse, but your thumbnails and banner seem "cheap" or "tacky" for lack of a better word. I think if you put the effort into making better thumbnails, banner, and logo I think your channel would really take off. The graphics are the first thing people see before they even click on your videos so def dont underestimate it.

    Sincerely, A random dude on the internet who has had multiple channels for years and none of them did that well lol

  11. I love VR. When I bought the Oculus Rift CV1 a few years ago everyone thought I was crazy for spending that amount of money on a monitor strapped to your head, untill they tried it themselves. Fast forward a few years and almost all my friends have bought an Oculus Rift or are considering getting one.

    Very informative video, I'm currently trying to decide which VR headset will be best suited for my brother.

  12. Rift-s is a ok step in headset problem 1 is no ipd setting in hardware 2 you lock yourself out off all steam hw like knuckles controllers and so 3 extreme small controllers.

  13. UPDATE: Glad I went with the Quest, NEED the ipd adjustment. I put the Quest to 62 and almost instantly started to get a headache, feel that it was hurting my eyes to focus. I almost wish I'd have stuck it out and saved for the Index… But I think the Quest at $400 is good enough. With link it's going to do me well for the next few years playing PCVR until some next gen VR headsets come out. I wore the Quest 6-7 hours the last night. I did have discomfort, but nothing I couldn't fix with some add ons (possibly battery counterweight, but first I'll try a velco top of head strap) Anyways, love VR, glad to be finally getting in and I give the Quest a big thumbs up for anyone with out of range ipd I would say you have no choice, get the Quest over Rift S. If money is no object, get the Index, but I think Quest's price is great for what you get.

    I recently bought and returned the Rift S ($350 black friday sale), after researching the Quest vs. Rift S, I decided to get the Quest because I think it is a much better bargain and will have a better future. I impulse bought the Rift-S and while waiting for it to arrive researched the Quest which I never considered because I have a PC Gaming rig… I do believe there's almost no reason to go for the Rift S over the Quest now.

    Why Rift S?:
    more comfortable, slightly better/sharper graphics PCVR (led screen)

    Why Quest?:
    Hand Tracking (this is BIG, new tech, so far no Rift S support announced), Deeper blacks (oled screen) and solid resolution, comparable graphics to Rift S when tethered with Oculus Link (currently in beta and improving), IPD adjustment (big for me -my IPD very narrow at 56-57), stand-alone (no PC required) wireless/un-tethered VR gaming, PCVR -Oculus Link gives the Quest the biggest game library of ANY VR headset (Quest stand-alone games AND any Rift PCVR Steam games -including the new Half-Life Alyx all are playable with Quest).

    If you think about it, you get a WHOLE lot more with the Quest. I can't believe they can sell it for the same price (about) as the Rift S. It's not just a VR screen headset plugged in to your computer relying on a gaming rig for graphics. It has a decent Snapdragon (cell phone processor), memory and everything built into the thing delivering great gaming on the go with the PCVR option! Oculus Link really has RIPed the Rift S… Just go watch a bunch of Youtube videos about Quest Link vs Rift S, the differences are so slight for AAA games and you got to remember Link is still in beta, it's just going to get better. I plan to buy the official $80 wire from the Zuck Faceboo-err-Oculus later in the year, but you can get a cheap USB-C wire and do Link beta and play Steam/Rift games right now.

    Rift S might be slightly cheaper atm, if the Rift S was a LOT cheaper I might consider it. But being able to take the Quest with me to different rooms in my house and play, to friends/family members' houses to share the expierence. I decided I would prefer the mobility of the Quest over the Rift S because while I can play tethered in my man cave with the Quest, I am not forced to only do that like with the Rift S. A lot reviews for the Quest Link vs Rift S PCVR experiences said you'd be hard pressed to really tell a difference between the two headsets. Although the Rift S version may be slightly better graphics-wise and be more comfortable, there are things that can be done to make the Quest more comfortable on your head. Quest is able to be both a PCVR tethered AND totally mobile unit. I plan to take the quest to visit my friends and his family, take it to the living room and play, let mom try it out lol, etc. I think I'd use the Quest a lot more than the Rift S, as when I am PC gaming (I play a lot of WoW), I typically game on my big screen. Although I'm sure I'll plug the headset in and game with my more powerful graphics card pushing better graphics games, I don't have to/Not stuck with only using the unit tethered to my PC. The prospect of watching 3D movies on the sofa through the Quest, gaming anywhere and anytime wireless-ly, Quest's mobility just outweighs everything the Rift S offers (imho)…

    With Vader Immortal (a game I would probably buy anyways, $30 value) included with the Quest until January 31, it makes the price comparison: $400 Quest +Vader Immortal vs $350 Rift S even more null. If you recently bought the Rift S on amazon or some where with a good return policy, you may decide to do what I did and exchange it for the Quest. Either way though, I think VR is really starting to take off and I'm glad to finally be getting a headset and joining the fun.



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